• 1995 - 1996 Istanbul University, Hospital Administration Master's Degree
  • 1982 - 1988 Istanbul University, Medicine Bachelor's Degree
  • 1982 Fenerbahce High School High School


  • Medipol University Parmer
  • Beykent University Hospital
  • Beykent University Dental Hospital General Directorate

OTC Istanbul Pharmaceutical Marketing and Pharmacy Warehouse General Directorate

Kolan International Hospitals General Directorate
Primarily responsible for the reorganization of Şişli Kolan Hospital, the largest hospital within the Kolan Group, including the recruitment of new medical staff and opening of new departments. Achievements include more than doubling the hospital's revenue within 2.5 years, obtaining the highest score and international quality certification (JCI) among 600 hospitals, managing all processes, developing domestic and international marketing strategies, and overseeing the overall management of the hospital.

Serebral Asistans Medical Consulting
Provided project and management consultancy services to hospitals and insurance companies. Offered consultancy to the Uzbekistan Isonch State Insurance Company and facilitated collaboration with a Turkish insurance company. Provided project management and establishment consultancy to Diabet Foundation Hospital. Served as a board consultant for Surp Pırgiç Armenian Hospital. Provided project consultancy to Hatay Reyhanlı Private Hospital. Offered management consultancy to Anadolu Insurance Inc., Allianz Insurance, and Demir Hayat Insurance for complementary insurance and network management. Provided management consultancy to Balıkesir Hospitals Union. Offered management consultancy to Gaziantep Tammed Hospital and Gaziantep Anka Hospital. Provided management consultancy to Balikesir Sevgi Hospital. Provided consultancy for all management processes related to hospital project planning, including architectural design, space layout, biomedical equipment procurement, organization chart preparation, job description development and implementation, physician compensation and contracts, procurement processes and management, annual budgeting, quality management consultancy, outsourcing service procurement consultancy, and marketing and pricing management.

İzmit Cihan Hospital
Implemented a joint hospital project with 48 partners in İzmit, including completing the construction, establishing the organization, procuring biomedical equipment, obtaining permits, and operationalizing the hospital. Responsible for managing all processes, creating the annual budget, and delivering a 10% EBITDA to the partners within 6 months.

BSK-Medline Healthcare Group
Started as BSK and served as the General Manager at Eskişehir Hospital for one year, establishing the systematics. After one year, worked as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Chief Medical Officer (CMO) responsible for six hospitals at the headquarters. Served as a board member and A group authorized signatory in five hospitals. During this period, oversaw the construction and budget compliance of Konya and Antalya hospitals, excluding accounting departments. Responsible for establishing medical teams, biomedical teams, marketing, pricing, procurement and inventory management, patient services, medical accounting, and developing, identifying, and managing quality processes.

Medikalpark Healthcare Group
Started at Medikalpark Fatih Hospital and then restructured and budgeted Medikalpark Bursa Hospital. Obtained JCI Quality Certification and served as the General Manager to achieve profitability targets.

Anadolu Health Center (Affiliated with John Hopkins)
Responsible for pricing, physician compensation, marketing (domestic and international), and communication with contracted institutions.

Kadıköy Şifa Hospital
Responsible for preparing new investment feasibility studies and marketing.

AXA OYAK Insurance Inc.
Managed the Contracted Institutions Department.

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