She was born in Denizli. After completing her high school education at Nevzat Karalp Anadolu High School in Denizli between 2005 and 2009, she graduated from Istanbul Aydin University psychology department with a high honours degree in 2014.She completed her master's degree in clinical psychology at the University of Üsküdar. During her education, she successfully completed her internships at Denizli State Hospital psychiatric outpatient clinic , the Institute of marriage therapies, Atatürk girls' dormitory and Npistanbul brain Hospital. After completing her undergraduate studies, she provided education and psychotherapy for families of mentally and physically disabled children at the White House Special Education Center for two years. Between 2016-2018, she has served in self psychology Academy and Counseling Center, Private Yeshilkoshk kindergarten in the fields of psychological counseling, assessment and Evaluation, Education and seminars for family and children.

In May 2018, she started working as a psychologist at Npistanbul brain Hospital.

Trainings and supervisions:

2017-Child Evaluation Package Training (Turkish Association Of Psychologists)

2017-neuropsychological testing training (anchor Medical School)

2017-neuropsychological tests supervision (anchor Medical School, Uzm. Psk. Shukriye Akcha Kalem) 

2015-WISC-R Education (Istanbul Psychology Institute)

2015-Play Therapy Training (50 Hours ) (Retraining Center)

2015-Play Attention Coaching Certificate (Institute Of Superior Intelligence-Üze)

2014-2015 Pedagogical Formation Education (Bahcheshehir University)

2014-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (60 Hours) (Retraining Center)

2014-MMPI (training and counseling center of the Academy of Psychology)

2014-SCID-II and clinical scales (training and counseling center of the Academy of Psychology)

2014-Objective Tests (Psychology Academy Training And Counseling Center)

Objective tests: Metropolitan School maturity test, Catell 3A Intelligence Test, Catell 2A intelligence test, Alexander practical ability intelligence test, Porteus mazes Intelligence Test , standardized Mini Mental tests


Denizli Nevzat Karalp Anatolian High School / 2005-2009

Istanbul Aydin University / Psychology / 2014

Uskudar University / Clinical Psychology

Denizli State Hospital Psychiatric Outpatient Clinic-Internship

Institute Of Marriage Therapies-Internship

Atatürk Girls ' Dormitory-Internship

NPISTANBUL brain Hospital-internship

White House Special Education Center / Psychotherapy Service

NpIstanbul Brain Hospital / Psychologist / May 2018-

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