Operating Rooms

Operating Room and Intensive Care Units

Turkey's first and only 1A Ultra Clean operating room

There are operating rooms, one of which is 1A and the other is 1B, and the 16-bed intensive care units that operate robotic and Aneurysm surgery, Parkinson, and Epilepsy operations. Intensive care unit can fully service up to Level 3 to all intensive care patients.

We offer a fully-fledged brain hospital where our clients and our physicians can benefit from the most advanced technology available. In our hospital, we offer the first and only 1A Ultra Clean operating room equipment of Turkey approved by an independent accredited organization, that obtain superior technological infrastructure facilities that support surgical operations in all branches.


Philips / İngenuity Elite, Medtronic / O-Arm 2,

Medtronic / S7, Zeiss / Pentero 900, Hitachi-Aloka /

Alpha 7, S-Cape / Multiconsol, Ultra Clean, Cerrahi Alet

Takip Sistemi, Philips / TC 20, Philips / VSI 2, GE / R 860,

GE / B 650, Linet Multicare.

Infection Monitoring System: In our hospital, there is a hardware and a follow-up system that can minimize the risk of infection in brain surgery operations.

Brain Mapping:  The most important issue during resection of the brain tumors, is to proceed without harming the ancillary tissues. Many patients may experience some damage in the tissues that are on the way to the tumor, while the tumor is being removed. When the operation is continued with conducting brain mapping, it can be reached to the tumor without affecting the critical areas in the brain. NPİSTANBUL Brain Hospital’s operating rooms have the infrastructure that allows performing brain mapping.

Robotic Surgery: Another critical issue in tumor surgery is to determine the tumor's extent. Measurements performed prior to the surgery may be misleading as edema exists during operation. To avoid this issue, we offer a hardware navigation system (a kind of robotic system) in our hospital to provide the surgeon with the opportunity to be guided throughout the surgery. In this case, the comparison of the images taken before the operation and during the operation is conducted during the operation. Thus, the patient will leave the operation room; knowing whether the tumor has been completely removed from the operation.

Interventional Radiology: Prior to operating the aneurism, there is a chance of getting rid of the vascular anomalies in the patient's brain by the method of entering the vascular and closing the aneurysm. Our hospital has the radiological infrastructure used in this method.

Therapeutic Beds: All beds in NPİSTANBUL Brain Hospital intensive care unit are automatic and therapeutical. In this respect, nurses are able to fulfill many of the tasks on these beds in regards to patient care.

Information Security: A technological system is installed to preserve the patient’s privacy by protecting the patient’s information in software and hardware. Everyone who has access to the system, is able to access the information when entered to the system. However, unauthorized access to the operating room is impossible.

Smart Building Concept: Entrance and exit to your hospital, inventory control, fire detection system is designed with intelligent building concept. Keys are not used in psychiatry floors. All rooms are equipped with a card system and can be entered with authorization. All buildings have IP TV system and HD camera security system installed.

Drug Management System: Thanks to the drug management system we are practicing, unauthorized people cannot procure medicines. With this system, drugs are provided on time and accurately.


Operational risks are minimized thanks to advanced technology systems.

  • In our hospital; Pediatric neurosurgery, tumor, aneurysm operations are performed. O-Arm MR CT navigation and frame technologies are applied for such operations.

  • The whole spine can be visualized in a short time, thanks to our digital x-ray which can make automatic scoliosis screening.

  • Vascular / oncologic surgery can be performed under the guidance of sodium fluorescence with a neuronavigation assisted high-level neurosurgical microscope.

  • Surgical operation is progressed in a controlled manner with an advanced imaging quality, calculation, measurement and reporting ability of high-level intraoperative, color doppler ultrasonography device supported by neuronavigation. At the same time, this system is known as the flagship of neurosurgery screening.
  • The target can be reached from the shortest and fastest manner with the 3D screening system supported by neuronavigation, and images of before and during operation can be combined by fusion and thus with minimum incision.
  • 3D Screening during operations: We also validate the success of the operation with our multidimensional CT imaging devices in the operating room, offering the advantage of minimizing the need for second surgery.
  • Surgical Success: During the surgical interventions that we use such as computer aided navigation systems; the relationship with adjacent tissues is determined and the surgical incision required to reach the mass is made from the most accurate location. The lesion that is targeted during surgery is approached with great accuracy (1 mm accuracy), and the damage that can occur in the healthy tissue during operation is reduced to the minimum. If a surgical procedure is to be performed for biopsy, our navigation system will provide the shortest and least damage to the mass by making the necessary calculations so that it can be entered into the center of the mass.

O-Arm and MR Imaging During Surgery: Imaging that can measure the success of the surgery right away, can be used in the operating room, while the operation is ongoing. O- Arm and MR Imaging that are conducted during the operation, enables the battery insertion surgery and stimulation that signals the brain to stimulate the patients of Parkinson, gait abnormality and some psychiatric disorders and continue their lives. Our hospital holds the necessary equipment and infrastructure for these surgeries.




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