Clinical Pharmacogenetics Laboratory

Genotyping studies have been conducted to determine pharmacogenetic profiles of individuals in Laboratory of Molecular Biology and Genetics at University of Üsküdar . Our laboratory designed in accordance with studies to moleculer level and carried into effect with the necessary machinery and equipment was the formation of a molecular laboratory.

Our laboratory to perform genotyping, blood or any tissue samples from patients with DNA / RNA isolation are carried out. Then these samples are promptly taken for genotyping or identification of expression levels. Conventional PCR (polymerase chain reaction, PCR), restriction enzyme cutting fragment analysis (RFLP), sequence analysis of the work carried out for genotyping. Also in our laboratory, Real-time PCR with a more sensitive analysis is carried out.

Genotyping phenotypically complement the work in some cases, has become a leader in some cases. A treatment program is applied in patients with a more effective, and side effects are minimized in a short time with the provision of Genotype-Phenotype correlation. Genotype CYP2A, CYP2C, CYP2D6, CYP3A4 analyzes of groups, 5HTT polymorphism the main genotyping genes.

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