Child Adolescent Psychiatry

Child Adolescent Psychiatry


What is Child Psychiatry?

Child Psychiatry; On medical education, he is specialized in child-adolescent mental health. The child psychiatrist is the first person to refer to regarding the mental health of the child.


What Does Child Psychiatry Do?

All difficulties of the child in spiritual, cognitive, academic, and social fields are within the scope of child psychiatry.


• Counseling the family even if the child does not have any mental problems.

• Makes approaches to protect the child from situations where he/she can be effected without a mental illness.

• Diagnoses mental illnesses in children. Requests the necessary examinations for the diagnosis.

• Predicts how the treatment of mental illness can be, evaluates treatment options.

• Can do psychotherapy

• Can organize medical treatment

• Makes family guidance

• Guides the team when the child's treatment requires teamwork

• Follow the child in the hospital if necessary.


When to Apply to Child Psychiatry?

Child psychiatry can be consulted at any time. Even if the child has no psychiatric symptoms, it can become for counseling purposes, and if any psychic symptoms should come. The idea that the child psychiatrist gives medicine, psychologists talk, etc. is completely unfounded and very wrong. He is not a child psychiatrist, pedagogue, or psychologist.

For example; How should sleep and feeding habits be in infancy? It is possible to apply with an emotional or behavioral symptom that may negatively affect the child's daily life, school success, family relationships, and friend harmony.


Which Diseases Does Child Psychiatry Look For?

Attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder

• Autism

• Internet and computer technologies overuse

• Depression

• Suicidal thoughts, self-harm (razor scratch, etc.)

• Anxiety (anxiety) disorders (Separation anxiety, social phobia, etc.)

• trauma

• Psychosomatic complaints such as headaches and abdominal pain that cannot be explained due to organic reasons

• Behavioral Disorders (not listening, opposing, lying, getting permission, etc.)

• Learning disorders (Dyslexia etc.)

Obsessive-compulsive disorder (obsessions)

• tic disorder

• School rejection

• Exam anxiety

• Personality problems

• sleep problems

• Toilet habits (wetting himself, non-organic constipation, etc.)

• Eating problems (not eating, taking out what he eat, etc.)

Speech disorders (Stuttering, late speech, etc.)

• Friend incompatibility

• Sexual development and sexual problems

• Dissociative disorder

• mental retardation

• Psychosis (schizophrenia etc.) and bipolar disorder


How Old Are Children that Accepted?

It accepts babies, children, and adolescents between the ages of 0-18. However, it continues the follow-up of patients under treatment until the age of 21.



Speech Treatments

It includes diagnosis and therapy services in terms of language and speech disorders. Appropriate therapy and intervention are targeted.


Occupational Therapy Center, Sensory Integration Clinic

With the aim of reducing the pathology of clients, maintaining their health and socializing psychiatric diseases, encouraging them to use their skills and abilities in daily life, encouraging them to use their spare time efficiently, to gain awareness about the quality of life. ergotherapy studies including music, art treatments, sports, and marbling art are carried out.


New treatment method in autism (Sensory Integration Clinic)

It is aimed to increase the daily life quality of children and young people aged 0-14 with developmental retardation and special needs at the center by using games and art methods. Rehabilitation is carried out according to the personal development program. Under the heading of individual ergotherapy; We aim to develop sensory integration therapy, behavior development, social skills development, basic language skills, and fine - gross motor development. ” In Pediatric Occupational Therapy Center; Studies are being carried out to treat diseases such as autism, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, mental problems, learning disabilities, and hyperactivity.


Inpatient Treatments in the Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Service

In the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Service, our clients receive inpatient treatment. Each service in our hospital was created within the framework of certain rules according to the privacy of patients receiving inpatient treatment and the risks of the disease.

In NPİSTANBUL Brain Hospital, where the comfort of patients and their relatives are prioritized, there are two types of room options designed for different needs. There are standard and type A suite rooms. A type of suite rooms and corner suite rooms aim high comfort without compromising security.

In order to ensure the comfort and safety of our clients in each room, all furniture was selected accordingly and specially designed.

VIP services are offered in all of our rooms, from television to safe, from rest to newspaper service, where local and foreign channels can be watched to increase the comfort of patients and their relatives.

In our hospital, there are meeting rooms aiming to protect the privacy of the patient and the patient's relatives in physician interviews, waiting for areas in each clinic and day rooms, and winter gardens created on the patient floors to make patients feel comfortable and at home.

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