He was born in Eskişehir in 1948. After graduation from Eskişehir Maarif Koleji, he graduated from Gazi Education Institute English Department as an English Teacher. He taught English at Siirt Batman High School and taught English at Eskişehir Academy of Economic and Commercial Sciences. At this time, he was sent to England after winning the examination opened by the Ministry of Education. He received a Post-Graduation Diploma in Applied Linguistics and Phonetics at the University of Essex. He also earned a doctorate in Linguistics (experimental Phonology) at the same university. After his doctorate, he won a British Government Technical Assistance scholarship and returned to Turkey, where he obtained a language and speech therapist's license in London. Upon his return, he took up a position at the Faculty of Education of Anadolu University. In this faculty he was involved in the establishment of the Department of Special Education.


He became an assistant professor in 1984, an Associate Professor in 1988, and a professor in 1993. He taught at undergraduate and graduate level at Anadolu, Abant Izzet Baysal, Ankara and Osmangazi universities. In 1998, he was appointed as a member of the High Council for Disabled Persons under the Prime Minister's office by the Prime Minister of the period, representing universities, and left this post due to his retirement. He was a member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the General Directorate of Social Services and Child Protection Agency. He was a member of the Association of language and speech therapists of Great Britain from 1982-2000. He retired from his position at the University at his own request in April 1999 and began freelance work as a language and speech therapist. In 2000, he returned to Anadolu University as a faculty member of the Special Education Department of the Faculty of Education. He was appointed director of the Integrated School for disabled people in 2003 while also serving in the language and speech disorders Education, Practice and Research Center. Between 2005 and 2014, he was a faculty member in the Department of Educational Sciences of the eastern Mediterranean University of the TRNC.

In June 2014, he started as a full-time faculty member at the Department of language and Speech Therapy at the Faculty of Health Sciences of the University of Üsküdar and was appointed as the head of this department.

He is a founding member of the Association of specialists in language and speech disorders and a member of the Association of private educators. Konrot is married and has one child.




High School: Eskişehir Maarif College, 1967

Bachelor Of Science: Gazi Institute Of Education, Department Of English, 1971

Postgraduate Diploma: Department of Linguistics, University of Essex (UK) , Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Linguistics, Phonology and English teaching, 1978

Postgraduate Diploma: School for the Disorders of Human Communication, (UK) language and Speech Therapy, Postgraduate Diploma, 1983

Certificate of Professional Competence: Certificate of Bachelor of language and speech therapists, the College of Speech Therapists, UK, 1984

PhD: University of Essex (UK), Department of Linguistics, PhD in Linguistics, 1982


1) Uskudar University Faculty of Health Sciences, Department of language and Speech Therapy, full-time teaching

member (June 1, 2014-present))

June February 2013 - June 2014, Member, Eastern Mediterranean University Faculty of Education, part-time faculty member

2) October June 2014

 3) Maltepe University Faculty of Education, part - time faculty member, (October 2013-June 2014)

4) Konrot communication Informatics special education and Training Services Ltd. Ltd., Co-Founder, Managing Board

Head of managing (since2013 )


5) Siirt Batman High School English Teacher (1971-1972)


6) Eskisehir Academy of economic and Commercial Sciences English instructor, (1972-1976)


7) Lecturer At Anadolu University Faculty Of Education (1983-2005)


8) Anadolu University Language and speech disorders Education-Application Cen



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