He graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in 1995 and worked as a practicing physician in Turkey between 1995 and 2002.

He completed his specialty education in Istanbul University Istanbul Medical Faculty (Çapa) Psychiatry Department and became a psychiatrist in 2006.

He studied addiction psychiatry at the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands in 2005. In addition, 300 hours of 'addiction counseling and treatment methods' training which lasted 1.5 years was completed.

He wrote his specialty thesis on "The prevalence, clinical features and comorbidities of alcohol and substance use disorders among patients who applied to the Psychiatry Outpatient Clinic". He also worked in the field of Psychooncology and Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry between 2006 and 2010 and received supervision and completed his training on diagnosis and treatment of Sexual Dysfunctions from  Society for sex education treatment and Research.

He completed his government service as a psychiatrist in şanlıurfa.

His professional interests are Addiction Psychiatry, anxiety disorders, personality disorders, consultation ,merit Psychiatry and Psychooncology and sexual dysfunctions. He has published articles in domestic and foreign journals and is on the Advisory Board of addiction magazine.

He is a member of Turkish Psychiatric Association, Turkish Medical Association, Istanbul Medical Chamber. His foreign languages are English and Persian. Since 2010, he has been working as a psychiatry specialist at Npistanbul brain Hospital and NP Etiler Polyclinic of Üsküdar University.

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Istanbul University School of Medicine / 1995

Istanbul University Medical School / Department of Psychiatry / 2006

University of Amsterdam / Addiction Psychiatry Education / 2005

Addiction Counseling and Treatment Methods Training / 2006

Foreign Language: English, Persian

  1. 1988 - 1995 / Medical School Education
  2. 1995 - 2002 / General Practitioner in Turkey and Abroad
  3. 2002 - 2006 / Istanbul University Istanbul Faculty of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry Residency
  4. 2005 / Training at the Addiction Treatment Unit of the University of Amsterdam (Netherlands)
  5. 2006 / Istanbul University Istanbul Faculty of Medicine Addiction Counseling and Treatment Training
  6. 2006 - 2010 / Humanite Psychiatry and Consultation-Liason Psychiatry Center (Istanbul)
  7. 2010 / NP Brain Hospital Psychiatry Specialist
  8. 2011 - 2012 / Şanlıurfa Ceylanpınar State Hospital Psychiatry Specialist
  9. 2012 - 2020 / Dr. Faculty Member, Üsküdar University Faculty of Medicine, USA Faculty Member, NP Etiler Medical Center Psychiatry Specialist
  10. 2016 - 2019 / CETAD Sexual Therapy Training and Supervision
  11. 2020 - Currently / Assoc. Prof. Dr. Üsküdar University Faculty of Medicine, USA Faculty Member, NP Etiler Medical Center Psychiatry Specialist
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