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Asst. Prof.Dr. Alptekin ÇETİN


Born in 12.03.1982. He graduated as an undergraduate and graduate from Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine in 2006 and completed his Mental Health Doctorate program in Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Medicine, İstanbul University in 2011.


Hacettepe University, Faculty Of Medicine / 2006

Hacettepe University ,Faculty Of Medicine / M. Sc.

Istanbul University Cerrahpaşa School of Medicine / Mental Health PhD Program



Alptekin Çetin, Mine Özmen; psychiatric side effects of dermatological drugs; TURKDERM. Year: 2010

Volume: 44 Supplement: 1 52-54

. Alptekin Çetin, Numan Konuk; suicide attempt with very high dose quetiapine intake; Clinic

Bulletin Of Psychopharmacology 2011; (21)1: 67-69

. Musa Tosun, Alptekin Cetin, Numan Konut; Forensic Psychiatric aspects of alcohol and substance scholar;

Turkey Clinics J Psychiatry-Special Topics 2011; 4(1): 81-9

7.2. Papers presented at international scientific meetings and published in proceedings.

7.3. International books written or chapters in books.

7.4. Articles published in national peer-reviewed journals

. Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Balcıoğlu, Dr. Alptekin Çetin; Prof Dr. Ayhan Songar Behavioral Physiotherapy

Symposium. Symposium series No: 66 * November 2008; p. 75-84

7.5. Papers published in the papers presented at national scientific meetings

. Identification Of Delusions In Patients With Complete Psychotic Depression In Geropsychiatry Population And Cultural Studies Conducted Abroad

Evaluation In Terms Of Differences(7. National Geropsychiatry Symposium)

. Suicide attempt with 18,000 mg Quetiapine: a case report(47.National Congress Of Psychiatry)

7.6 Other Publications


Book Translations

. Kumar & Clark Clinical MedicIne Turkish-Department Of Psychiatry (Istanbul Medical Bookstore 2010)


. Smoke-Free Istanbul Project, World Lung Foundation-Yeşilay Association( Medical


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* Turkish Psychiatry

* Turkish Medical Association


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