He was born in Balıkesir in 1963. He graduated from Haydarpaşa High School in 1980 and Istanbul University Psychology Department in 1984.

He completed his master's degree in Clinical Psychology.

He completed his internship at GATA Haydarpaşa Training Hospital's Psychiatry department. During this period, he received training in psychological testing.

He worked at the Psychosocial Services of the Higher Education Loans and Dormitories Institution Istanbul Regional Directorate, focusing on psychological issues of university students.

He actively participated in psychological support programs for earthquake victims in the tent cities in Istanbul Avcılar and Adapazarı during the 1999 earthquake.

He served as an instructor in driver behavior improvement training (Südge) for drivers whose licenses were revoked due to alcohol use. He is a member of the Projective Tests Association and received training in Rorschach Test for two years and T.A.T Test for one year, obtaining certificates.

Between 2003 and 2007, he worked as a clinical psychologist at Bakırköy Mental Health and Neurological Disorders Hospital. During this period, he conducted intensive work with inpatients and outpatient clinic patients. He provided training in psychological testing to psychology students interning at the hospital.

In 2007, he left Bakırköy Mental Health and Neurological Disorders Hospital and started working at NPİstanbul Brain Hospital.

He received hypnosis training from the Psychotherapy Institute and continues to practice hypnotherapy in a hospital setting.

He completed Family Therapy training at the Behavioral Sciences Institute and works as a family and couples therapist, addressing family issues and problems in relationships.

He received EMDR training at the Behavioral Sciences Institute and utilizes EMDR technique within the psychotherapy process.

He has an interest in energy therapy and has received training from various experts. He incorporates energy therapy, such as Reiki and bioenergy, as a supportive and empowering component in psychotherapy sessions.

He has engaged in horseback riding, rafting, and skydiving activities and has an interest in photography.

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  • Haydarpaşa High School / 1980
  • Istanbul University / Psychology / 1984
  • Hypnosis Training
  • Family Therapy Training
  • Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology
  • EMDR Training
  • GATA Haydarpaşa Training Hospital / Psychiatry - Internship
  • Bakırköy Mental Health and Neurology Hospital / Clinical Psychologist / 2003-2007
  • Npİstanbul Brain Hospital / 2007-
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