Prof. Nevzat Tarhan was born in Merzifon in 1952, graduated from Kuleli Military High School in 1969 and Istanbul University Cerrahpasa Medical Faculty in 1975. After the GATA internship as well as Cyprus and Bursa military continent service, he became a Psychiatrist in GATA in 1982. He became an assistant professor (1988) and associate professor (1990) in GATA Haydarpaşa after serving as a doctor in Erzincan and Çorlu Hospitals. He served as a clinical director. He became Colonel (1993) and Professor (1996). He was an academic member at Yuzuncu Yil University and an expert at the Forensic Medicine Institute between the years 1996-1999. He retired at his own will. In 1998, he was the representative of Turkey in the Memory Center of America. He founded the NPISTANBUL Hospital in 2006 and the Uskudar University in 2011 by donating all his assets.

Prof. Nevzat Tarhan is a scientist who has carried the results to his personal and social life, where he has transferred his knowledge of psychiatric expertise, which he has pursued over the years with great effort and with over 150 research articles, 135 research articles from them have been published in national and international refereed journals, more than 50 of which are index WoS journals, 50 books, and book chapters. Because of his works presented in visual and written media, he has reached an amount of one million audiences in Turkey. Some of his books have been translated into Bulgarian, Indonesian, Persian, Albanian, and Azerbaijani languages other than English.

Prof. Dr. Tarhan carries out his work with great seriousness and precision. The main factor underlying his diligence and success is his philosophy of life and his supramind (metacognitive, spiritual) perspective. His view of life, which is not limited to the world and covers both the world and after death, stems from the awareness that he is in the presence of his Creator while performing every work. This means that his beliefs based on research, observation, and proof are presented to the readers by taking science in the testimony of the Universe and by establishing the connection with the characteristics of Allah reflected in the Universe. He is one of the rare scientists who succeeded in explaining Religion and Science in a supportive way. In addition to succeeding in reducing the identity of the scientist to his life, he undertakes the duty of carrying, transferring the truths he learned to others.

The source of the foundations of this different perspective is the Quran, which has guided his life since his youth. Like young people who question the meaning and existence of life, he has questioned in his university years, “Incidental Existence, The Meaning of Life, Darwinism, Why there are Evil, The Need for Religion, The Psychology of Believing, Is there Life after Death?, How does one satisfy the Mind and Soul?”, and shared them with his readers by proving explanations from the Qur'an and proving them with scientific researches.

As Tarhan closely observes social life due to being a psychiatrist, he makes an accurate analysis of social life and touches on the importance of "Social Psychology" in every mass media platform.

Prof. Dr. Nevzat Tarhan, whose characteristics are not limited to what is written above, has always targeted investment in people and used his material-spiritual resources towards this direction. The majority of society also witnesses all of what he does. He expresses with his actions and deeds that he will maintain the same goals and beliefs until the end of his life. 
He donated all of his income to the TARHAN - IDER Foundation, whilst his books have sold over 1 million copies. He speaks English and German. He is the father of two children. The family tree, dating back to 1400 years, was published in 2017 as a book.

Currently; he is executing the Founding Presidency of Uskudar University and by being the President of the Supreme Council of Management he is leading Turkey's first neuropsychiatry hospital NPISTANBUL Brain Hospital's Management Board Presidency duties.

Uskudar University, which he has founded by donating all of his assets without using any public resources and allocations, continues its activities as a "brain base" where future Nobel candidate scientists are raised with more than 23 thousand students. The University successfully represents our country in the world as the first and only Turkish university to participate in the G20/N20 Summits with the global perspective of Prof. Dr. Nevzat Tarhan and his team.

The presentations of the experts of Uskudar University and NPİSTANBUL Brain Hospital, led by Prof. Nevzat Tarhan, in the field of "Computational Psychiatry and Future Perspectives" at the 2020 congress of the American Psychiatry Association (APA), one of the most prestigious psychiatric associations in the world, were determined as one of the 12 courses offered by the APA to its members every month in 2021.


Congresses He Led

  • 1989 "Stress and Diseases"
  • 1991 "Innovations in Psychopharmacology"
  • 1992 "Violence"
  • 1993 Professor Tarhan organized a symposium on “Serotonin” in Turkey, which was internationally attended for the first time.
  • Editorship for 6 years of “Clinic Psychopharmacology” Journal
  • Participation in Regulatory Board of 7th International ECNS (EEG Neuroscience) Congress that was held in İstanbul, 2010.
  • Active participation in the organization of 2015 Antalya, 2016 China, 2017 Hamburg, 2018 Buenos Aires, 2019 Osaka, N20 (Neuroscience 20) Meetings held at the same period with G/ 20.


1.    "Best Researcher" award at the international congress on "Destructive Drives and Impuls Control" held in the Netherlands in 1991,
2.    "RTUK Best Community Program" award for his once-a-week Reasonable Solution program on TV in 2003,
3.    In 2005, the General Directorate of Family and Social Research of the Prime Minister's Office for his Psychosis program at SKY TURK was awarded for his 'Support for family education and preventive mental health service to the community’,
4.    "Golden Apple" award by Amasya Foundation for his contribution to the treatment of Turkish music in 2007,
5.    "Golden Tulip" award in psychology by Prof. Dr. Mumtaz Turhan Social Vocational High School in 2009,
6.    "Patient Safety Good Practice" award given by OHSAD and Patient Safety Association in 2009,
7.    "Congress Ambassador" award for bringing together many world-famous scientists in Istanbul with the ECNS Congress held in 2010, 
8.    In 2015, ECNS/ ISNIP/ ISBET was awarded the "Presidental Service Prize" for his contributions in neurophysiology at the Clinical Neuroscience Congress in Munich, Germany,
9.    "Universal Brotherhood Call to World Peace" award in science and research by the Mawlana Supreme Foundation of the World Fraternity in 2017,
10.    In 2017, awarded by the Health Volunteers Turkey the "Social Responsibility in Health" award and by Hospital Manager Magazine for their original contributions to the health system,
11.    2019 "Golden Axon Leadership" award by SBMT Congress in Los Angeles, the USA in 2019,
12.    "Author of the Year" award within the scope of Istanbul University 1453 Awards in 2019.

International Memberships: 

  1. New York Academy of Science
  2. American Psychiatric Association (APA)
  3. EEG and Clinical Neuroscience Society (ECNS)
  4. New York Academic Psychiatry Foundation
  5. International Psychogeriatric Association (IPA)
  6. International Society for Neuroimaging in Psychiatry (ISNIP)
  7. National Geographic Society
  8. Anxiety Disorders Association of America (ADAA)
  9. International Society for Neurofeedback &Research (ISNR)
  10. ECNP, European Congress of Neuropsychopharmacology
  11. Society for Brain Mapping & Therapeutics (SBMT), Board of Directors 
  12. TANPA Turkish American Neuropsychiatry Association, President
  13. WPA World Psychiatric Association “The Scientific Committee of Religion, Spiritualty and Psychiatry"


Social Responsibility:

  1. Presidency of IDER Humanitarian Values and Psychiatric Care Foundation
  2. Presidency of ASDER Justice Defenders’ Association (human rights cases)
  3. Presidency of "Happy Home Happy Life Association" (takes care of orphans)
  4. Presidency of "Come, Hold My Hand Association" (against child and teen abuse)
  5. Presidency of Turkish-American Neuropsychiatry Association TAN-PA, which was founded in 1981 with headquarters in the USA, on Colleague Solidarity.
  6. Presidency of Therapeutic Brain Mapping and Neurotechnology Association (TBHN), which works on promoting Turkish entrepreneurship in Neurotechnology in Psychiatry Discipline.


Published Books:

(The copyrights of all the publishing books donated to İDER Foundation.)

1- Blood and Circulation (1982)

2- Stress and Diseases (1989) - Symposium book, Editor and Chapter Author

3- Innovations in Psychopharmacology (1991) - Symposium book, Editor and Chapter Author, and the Monograph of Sertraline published from Pfizer İnc. 

4- Violence, Biopsychosocial Perspective (1998) – Co-author with Prof. İbrahim Balcıoğlu

5- Being at Peace with Yourself (2001)

6- Psychological War, Grey Propaganda (2002)

7- Psychology of Happiness, Converting Stress to Happiness (2002)

8- Family SchoolReasonable Solution, Guidebook for Communication in the Family (2004)

9- Psychology of Woman (2005)

10- Psychology of Marriage (2006)

11- Psychology of Emotions (2006)

12- About Life, Joy of Life-2 (2007)

13- Psychology of Community (2009)

14- Psychology of Faith (2009) (translated into English as Faith in Laboratory)

15- Being a Conscious YoungsterDo Anybody Want to Understand Me? (2009) (translated into English)

16- Family, the Last Shelter (2010)

17- Asymmetric War, Political Psychology (2010)

18- Addiction, Virtual or Actual (2011)

19- Psychology of Values, Good Person Model (2011)

20- Bediüzzaman, the Conscience of Age (2012)

21- You, Me and Our Children (2012)

22- Masnavi Therapy (2012) (translated into Bulgarian, Indonesian, Persian and as Rumi Therapy into English )

23- Journey from Wisdom to Heart, Bediüzzaman Model (2012)

24- Positive Psychology (2012)

25- Yunus Therapy (2013)

26- Love Therapy (2014)

27- Being a Conscious Family (2014) (translated into English)

28- Mom, What is a Coup? (2017)

29- Family Therapy with Rumi (2019)


1969 - Kuleli Military High School 

1975 - Istanbul University, Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Medicine 

1982 - Gülhane Military Medical Academy (GATA) 

1982 - GATA Psychiatry Specialist 

1988 - GATA Haydarpasa Assistant Professor 

1990 - GATA Haydarpasa Associate Professor 

1996 - Yuzuncu Yıl University Faculty Member 

1998 - Memory Center Representation of Turkey 

2006 - Chairman of the Board of Directors of NPISTANBUL Brain Hospital  

2011 - Uskudar University Founding Rectorate 

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Gizli Yorumcu
24 Mart 2021, 08:36

Merhabalar Nevzat Bey, Ben Şubat ayı boyunca NP Beyin hastanesinde misafiriniz olmuştum. Kendimi bildim bileli, hatırladığım en erken hatıralarımda bile yer eden OKB canavarı ile savaşmaktaydım. Şu an 23 yaşındayım ve yaklaşık 17 senedir sayısız psikolog ve psikiyatrist gördüm. Çeşitli ilaçlar kullandım, terapiler gördüm. Fakat maalesef geçtiğimiz aya kadar bir ilerleme kaydedemedim. Sizin de bildiğiniz üzere çok zor bir hastalıktır OKB; insanı mantıksız bulmasına rağmen belirli davranışlara, korkunç düşüncelere ve hislere hapseder. İnsan hayatının en önemli değişkeni zamanını çalar. Benim de 23 senedir yokuş aşağı giden bu hastalıkla savaşım vardı. Kendimle açıkçası bu uzun ve zor yoldaki direncim konusunda gurur duyuyorum ancak insan bir yerden sonra "Bu hep böyle mi gidecek?" ümitsizliğine kapılıyor ve ben de bu noktada hastaneye yatış kararını aldım. Gördüğüm sayısız psikiyatri yollarından sizinkini seçmemdeki en büyük neden hastalığımın ciddiyetini ve bilimselliğini ne kadar net gördüğünüzü ve bu vizyonunuzu sezmiş oluşumdu. Hastanede tam 25 gün kaldım. OKB ile geçirdiğim 23 yılı düşününce bu 25 gün belki de hiçbir şey. Maddi durumumuz yeterince olmamasına rağmen ailemin sonsuz desteği, motivasyonum, değerli doktorlarım ve sizin vizyonunuz sayesinde bu hastalığı yenme yolunda bu kısacık 25 günde sonsuz yol katettim. Gündelik zamanımın yarısından fazlasını çalan, beni ailemden uzaklaştırmak zorunda bırakan ve kendime küstüren bu hastalığı tedavi ettiğiniz için size bu teşekkürü borç biliyorum. 2 gün önce Oxford Üniversitesi'nden Sosyal Veri Bilimi dalında yüksek lisans kabulümü aldım. Bu başarı hepimizin başarısı. Kendime artık "Bu hep böyle mi gidecek?" diye sorduğumda suratımı bir gülümseme kaplıyor. Değerli doktorlarıma ve size sonsuz teşekkür ederim, Çok ciddi bir kalp ameliyatından çıkıp cerraha sarılan "Hayatımı kurtardınız!" diyen hasta kadar minnettarım size.

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