Professor of Neurology, Sultan TARLACI, MD

Sultan Tarlaci was born in 1970 in Rize, Turkey. He graduated from Atatürk University, Faculty of Medicine with honors in 1995.

In 2000 he received his speciality in Neurology from Aegean University.

He has Brain Research Association Research Award, TUBITAK-Brain Research Association Research Incentive Award (2001) and the Journalists Association of Turkey, Sedat Simavi Health Sciences (2003) Award.

Since 2003 the doctor has been the Editor-in-Chief of international medical magazine "NeuroQuantology". In 2008 the magazine was added to international scientific data sets SCI, SCI-E. 

In 2014 he took place in the NeoCortex Student Comminuty held by Istanbul University, Faculty of Medicine, which brought together students of health sciences, especially dentistry and veterinary medicine, under the same social roof and directed them in their scientific researches.

Professor Sultan Tarlaci's more than 40 scientific articles have been published.  

He is often invited by different TV channels to talk about brain, its functions and diseases, nerve and cognitive disorders.

He is the author of such books as "Acil Nörolojik Hastalıklar" ("Acute Neurologic Diseases"), "197 Gün" ("197 Days"), "Ölüm Sözlük" ("Death Dictionary"), "Schrödinger'in Kedisi Neden Şizofren Oldu?" ("Why Did Schrödinger's Cat Become Schizophrenic?"), "Mağaradan Mars'a" ("From Magara to Mars"), "Suç ve Beyin" ("Crime and Brain"). 


1995 Atatürk University / Faculty of Medicine 

2000 Aegean University / Neurology Specialist  


1989-1995 Atatürk University, Faculty of Medicine 

2001 Aegen University / Faculty of Medicine, Neurology 

2001 Manisa Celal Bayar University / Neurology Residency Observership

2001 Private Bati Anadolu Central Hospital / Neurology Specialist

2001 Private Alsancak Hospital / Neurology Specialist

2002 Universal Aegean Health Hospital as Neurology Unit MRP (the most responsible physician) 

2011 Universal Aegean Health Hospital / Associate Professor of Neurology 

2017 Üskudar University NPİSTANBUL Brain Hospital / Professor of Neurology 

2019 Üsküdar University NPİSTANBUL Brain Hospital / Neuroscience Department, Professor of Neurology 



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