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Faculty of Medicine - 1995

Ege University Neurology Specialist – 2000


1977-1982 Primary education. Melek village primary school, Rize.

1982-1985 Muradiye Secondary School, Muradiye, Rize

1985-1989 Rize High School, Center, Rize

1989-1995 Atatürk University Faculty of Medicine, Erzurum.

1995-July. Graduation from Atatürk University Faculty of Medicine

1995, November 27. Registration to Ege University Faculty of Medicine, Department of Neurology

2000, November 20. Neurology Specialist-Ege University

2001, March, Departure from Ege University

2001, 1-30 June, Observer Neurologist at Celal Bayar University, Manisa

2001, October 1-30, Central Hospital, Izmir

2001, November, Full-Day Neurology Specialist, Private Alsancak Hospital, Izmir

2002, September, Universal Specialist Ege Health Hospital Neurology Unit responsible physician

2010, October, Universal Special Aegean Health Hospital, Associate Professorship Exam application.

2011, September. Procurement of Neurology Associate Professorship Certificate

2013, November 25. Sifa University, Karsiyaka Outpatient Clinic

2014, October, Sifa University, Izmir, Basmane Branch

2015, April, Sifa University, Izmir, Bornova Branch Office

2016, 23 July, Sifa University, Izmir, Turkey.

2017, October Uskudar University NPİSTANBUL Brain Hospital, Prof.Dr. Dr.

2019, February, Department of Neuroscience, Üsküdar University




Migraine and headaches

Neurological intensive care

Electrophysiology, EEG-EMG

Swallowing disorders

Multiple Sclerosis

Cerebral vascular blockages

Speech disorders in aphasia type

Parkinson's disease

Botulinum toxin application in muscle spasms and headaches


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Prof.Dr. Sultan TARLACI

Neurology Expert

Sultan Tarlacı was born in 1970 in Rize. He graduated from the Faculty of Medicine with the highest degree in 1995. In 2000, he received his Neurology specialty from Ege University.

In 2000, Brain Research Association Research Award, the 2001 TUBITAK-Brain Research Association Research Incentive Award and in 2003, the Journalists Association of Turkey, Sedat Simavi Health Sciences has received the award. In 2014, the Faculty of Medicine was awarded by the NeoCortex student community, which brings together the students of health sciences, especially dentistry and veterinary medicine, under the same social roof and directs them to scientific research.

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