What is anorexia?

What is anorexia?

anorexia is seen as a result of insufficient consumption of food resources that the body needs.

What is anorexia, anorexia is an eating disorder. What is anorexia, anorexia is usually seen in women and it should be known that it is encountered during adolescence. What is anorexia, is a behavior made as a result of not liking its external appearance. Long-term diet, eating less and uniform food causes the formation of anorexia. If the individual has some psychological problems, the likelihood of anorexia may increase slightly.


What Causes Anorexia?

What is anorexia, among the causes of anorexia is when a person finds himself overweight and wants to weaken due to it.

Another reason may be that friends or close friends exert pressure on the person. As a result of pressure, the person may be uncomfortable with his or her appearance and this may become a psychological problem.

What are the symptoms of anorexia?

Although it is weak, it is necessary to feel overweight and need a diet, or to continue the diet despite the weakening after diet (chronic diet) is the most obvious symptom of anorexia.

Symptoms such as not wanting to eat, skipping meals may also be difficult to eat, because the stomach and intestines are exposed to heavy diets.

Chronic weakness, fatigue are observed.

Due to the lack of nutrition, the body may fall weak and the immune system will weaken.

A pale skin appearance is formed, the hair becomes thinner and shed, the nails break.

Since the stomach becomes smaller, a desire to vomit after meal may occur.

Calculating calories of food is another symptom. (obsessive)

Nutrition is maintained with uniform food.

Menstrual irregularity is observed.

Intestinal problems (diarrhea, constipation, unable to go to the toilet) are seen.

Mental disorders (depression) may develop.

The ability of bones to be counted is seen when anorexia progresses.

Continuously low body temperature is another symptom.

Memory problems, difficulty in perception, or distraction may be seen.


How Is Anorexia Treated?

What is anorexia, early diagnosis is very important in anorexia disease. Because the longer of the eating disorder continues, more damage in the body is irreversible situations can be encountered. This situation is not a situation where the individual can take care of himself and treat himself. What is anorexia, anorexia requires treatment both physically and psychologically. After the individual is diagnosed with anorexia, he / she should meet with a psychiatrist, otherwise the treatment cannot be achieved because anorexia is a psychological problem with an eating disorder. Treatment of anorexia is successful with joint studies. The individual is reached to the body weight that  should be done.

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