Stacking Disease

Stacking Disease

Stacking disease is a feeling of panic that can be seen in every segment of the society and that the belongings of the person will go away.

In psychiatry, there is a disease called hoarding (stacking disease) and it is a condition in which people accumulate even the things that are unlikely to work at home. These could be newspapers, outdated things, and similar items. For the person with stacking disease, and especially for the people with whom they live together, there is no space to live in the house after a while and this can cause serious problems. Stacking disease is a disease adjacent to obsessive-compulsive disorder.

People with stacking disease experience unrest if they throw their belongings away. So they can't throw it away. Despite the narrowing of the spaces, there are odors at home, the fact that these items will go creates a sense of terror for them. Although family members warn over the years, this accumulation increases. Family members may begin to withdraw from a person's life due to stacking disease.

Causes of Stacking Disease

Severe depression

- Dementia

- Psychosis

- Lack of Love

- Career Issues


NOTE: Severe depression, dementia, or psychosis can cause hoarding

Those with stacking disease establish ties with what they have accumulated, if there is a lack of love, if there is a problem in his career, he establishes a bond with things.


Normal people can also bond emotionally with their belongings.


If there is no problem in your brain, like a tumor, the stacking disease begins slowly and spreads over the years. This occurs suddenly in tumors or similar diseases. stacking people say it is going to benefit me, I can use them in the future, and the situation gradually turns out to have a memory. This continues like this. Some people rent a new warehouse and buy a house because of the items they stack. Normal people can also bond emotionally with their belongings. Even so, when he has to make a choice, he has to throw things away and he throws them. The contraction of life makes it easier for us to give up things. However, stunners, those with stacking disease never do this. They hold things that have no meaning, things that are not functional. According to this, this is very normal.

People should weigh well if their stuff works

We do not experience much famine and poverty, but when we look back, our elders are aware of this because of poverty. Things may have the thought that one day might work, but now we can reach everything. People need to think well when they look at their belongings. It should weigh well whether it really will work. In the past, yogurt pot and similar things would have been accumulated a lot. If you have never touched that container for two years, you should think again. Maybe you have a garden and you can save it for irrigation. Or the artist must be accumulated. However, if you have no work, you should think about it again.


"If you accumulate the items with memories in a very detailed way, this will also come into stacking."

If you accumulate items with memories in a very detailed way, this also comes into stacking disease. It is also necessary to simplify the memories. People should look at the things that belong to their memories and make a decision in order of value. Too much accumulation again comes into stacking disease.


Treatment of Stacking Disease

There is no cure for stacking disease. İts a difficult disease. İs better for Family members accept and let go instead of clashing with the person. It is necessary to hospitalize the person. The person does not think he is sick. The situation may be due to another reason instead of stacking. If it is because of other situations, such as depression, it will improve when that condition passes.

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