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Addiction Treatment Program

Applying Modern Method The Treatment

Since early times up to this day, several methods have been used in the medical field and several medicines have been discovered to serve humanity. Lately blood-based medication has become most common

In refferance to the term “blood-based”, treatment methods that appear in different centers around the world are long-term studies conducted on patient groups and on the therapeutic effects of ineffective substances called "placebo" with contributions to statistical science at the end of follow-up. This blood-based drug plays an important role in standardizing treatments for diseases and rejects treatments that occur either randomly or manually, or only as result of personal experience.

The term "blood-based", in different centers in the world, appeared in many treatment methods that have been applied to a group of patients for long periods. At the end of these studies, research and statistical data showed that they play an important role in treating the disease

Evidence that appears at the end of scientific methods are shared with the whole world of science and then presented to a drug therapist or to a man who found the drug. In NPISTANBUL Brain Hospital AMATEM, all therapeutic, and supplementary services applied to patients are based on a modern and evidence-based basis.

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28 Mayıs 2019
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18 Ekim 2021