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What is Addiction

Addiction is the abusive use of drogs despite the health damage they cause and the risk they have on the person’s life the most important characteristic it has is that once the person gets addicted it becomes impossible for him to quit by himself. Addiction is a disease that affects brain and must therefore be treated. Factors that lead to addiction can be genetic biological or social however there is no good reason to justify it. Although there can be many reasons that make the person consume again it should be kept in mind that this is only a biological phase. Natural and psychological reasons inner peace the availability of drugs family education social serounding and education in general play a crucial role in going back to addiction.


How Addiction Develops

  • Trying
  • Trying within a group
  • Uncontrolled use
  • Addiction (abusive use)

Out of curiosity the person starts doing drogs thinking that it will be easy for him to quit any time he wants  but soon after things go out of control and he starts abusively doing drogs

Despite the many times the addict tries to quit he does not achieve good results   Trying to provide drogs being away from daily life trying to figure out a sollution and stripping away from family are things that cause long term conflicts

The type of addict is same as that of the drog he takes    His physical and mental conditions make a difference in the way his addiction develops

As soon as addiction starts the person falls into a hole from which he can not escape so the only option will be therapy

At what age does addiction start

Reactions towards drogs differ according to the physical conditions of the person

Several parts of the brain play important roles during the addicting period such as the ventricular roof area which is responsible for reward decision making logical thinking control of the dorsal region of the brain’s frontal cortex and education in the nucleus of the recombinant nucleus and the nucleus of the plan At each stage of addiction many changes occur in the brain regions so the stage of its development of addiction is chaotic and unstable

In normal cases eating food or doing other things that cause happiness make dopamine encrease in the brain   Doing drogs also makes dopamine encrease in the brain the thing that makes the person needs more and more drogs

In normal cases the person might have a lot of goals among which he has to make a choice  To realise such goals the front part of the brain starts to function  One of the major negative impacts of drogs is that they make dopamine encrease and remain in the front of the brain which pushes the person towards making the wrong choices and which also stops him from doing his Daily activities   Dopamine also affects the recombinant nucleus region and the brain's planned nucleus which are responsible for starting to reduce it In addition addiction in advanced stages shows its negative effects on learning memorising and remembering and so normal activities like eating that used to bring happiness tend to be useless compared to the impact of drogs

Is addiction affected by genetic aspects

Research has shown that addiction is affected by the genetic aspect for some people but how does this happen

Any person that has abnormal genes  produces an abnormal protein   And this abnormal enzyme works to damage the receptor chain in the area of happiness and reward in the brain  As a result the persons becomes unable to control his use of drogs

People with a genetic aspect of addiction not only have an extra damage of the receptor chain but also have a quick addiciton  However up to this day there is no technology able to proof that the genetic aspect help addiction take place for some people with regard to the fact that both drogs and alcohol are a source of danger

What are the substances that cause addiction

Any thing considered as a reward can cause addiction There are many substances that cause addiction such as tobacco, alcohol, cannabis, heroin, cocaine, Bonzai, some fungi, steroids, and ketamine.

Lately with the excessive use of internet it became a sort of addiciton especially for teens and young persons in addition to gambling addiction which existed in the past but started to be practised online along with video games which require also a treatment

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How to deal with an addict

Addiction is difficult for the addict’s family as much as it is for him   knowing about the difficulties that the family and the society around the addict face we will provide you with some information on how to deal with an addict

This passage aims at giving information about addiciton its impact and how the family should deal with the addict inorder to establish an effective connection with him

You can get further details on the information provided below from psychologists and therapist

How to comunicate with the addict

By showing affection and making him feal that we understand how he feels

Adressing him with a language that makes him feel guilty will push him towards more consumption

Forgive his mistakes without forgetting to remind him of your dissatisfaction by his wrong deeds

Be good listeners and try to know the reason behind his alcohol or drog use

Addiction does not come from one use but instead it come after several uses when the person thinks that he can quit later

The period during which addiction develops is not always fixed as it changes according to the substance its quality and the quantity it is used as well as the mental and physical condition of the person

The level of addiciton can decrease  but it does not go once for all that is why the person should always stay away from alcohol and drogs otherwise the addiction can come back to the surface

Addiction has nothing to do with desire because no one does drogs to become an addict that is why it should be kept in mind that every body is subject of addiction

Addiciton is a psychological disstability which can not be controlled without help and treatment

What should I do after treatment

Addiction is a disease that does not affect the addict alone but rather affects the whole family 

Having some duties to do

Addicts avoid doing activities so they tend to stay away from performing their tasks and hand them over to someone else   In this phase the family should warn the person and remind him of performing his tasks because doing Daily life tasks is a part of treatment

Making new friends   Being surrounded by people who use alcohol and do drogs motivates the person towards reconsuming

Doing extra tasks in free times with complete awarness that making new friend takes time   We should support him in case he loses his motivation and hope inorder to keep him away from falling back into the trap of addiction

The addict’s relatives should be patient and should support the addict all the way


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