What Is Endorphins?

What Is Endorphins?

What is endorphin, endorphin, is popularly called the happiness hormone and is the name of the hormone that gives the body a state of well-being.



What are the benefits and benefits of endorphin?


What is endorphin? Our brain is the organ that produces the hormone endorphin in the human body. Endorphin hormone, the amount and rate of secretion varies according to human States and movements.

What is endorphin? The hormone endorphin increases in the human body, and this has also been scientifically proven. Especially from 11 p.m. to 3 o'clock at night, the brain secretes more endorphin hormones. The endorphin hormone also secretes too much when the brain exerts an effort.

For example, when running, when swimming, a person releases more endorphin hormones. Besides, the endorphin hormone is a hormone that is highly secreted, especially in sexual intercourse.


The hormone makes the brain releases more endorphins, especially for persons from 3 to 11 hours later at 11 specifies that doctors must sleep because the person is asleep while the brain secretes this hormone endorphin hormone secretion of sleep better, therefore, healthier and more comfortable work in the role is quite extensive.


  • What is endorphin, the endorphin hormone helps heal the pain in the human body and helps the person lead a more comfortable life in this regard?
  • What is endorphin? In order for the hormone endorphin to be secreted, a person must patch up what they enjoy and enjoy life. In this way, the brain releases more endorphin hormones, helping the person be happier and enjoy their lives more.
  • What is endorphin? The endorphin hormone acts as a natural drug, especially at the time of the birth of women. The endorphin hormone is the only aid that a woman who gives birth can endure this pain and pain and suffer pain. In addition to the endorphin hormone in the human body, dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin, which make the person feel good, are also secreted.
  • What is endorphin, other factors that increase the endorphin hormone in the human body are spicy products eating spices helps to secrete the endorphin hormone. Apart from the Spice, one of the most essential foods that allow the endorphin hormone's secretion is chocolate and bananas, which everyone eats fondly. These foods help the secretion of more endorphin hormones in people's brains.


Foods that provide the secretion of endorphin hormone features ice cream, strawberries, bananas, chocolate, grapes, and pasta. If you want your endorphin hormone to rise, it will benefit you to get enough of these foods.

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