Iron Deficiency


Iron deficiency is known colloquially as anemia in society. Iron deficiency occurs in routine blood tests.


Symptoms Of Iron Deficiency


Symptoms of the iron threshold are usually manifested as fatigue and weakness. In people with iron deficiency;

  • Pallor and fatigue of the skin
  • Focus problem
  • Numbness in the hands and feet
  • Wounds on the edge of the mouth and peeling cracks on the lips
  • Quick break of hand and toenails
  • State of tension and irritability
  • Excessive hair loss
  • Fatigue and persistent weakness in the body are among the symptoms of iron deficiency. Nevertheless, in order for a definitive diagnosis to be made, a blood test must be performed.


Advanced symptoms of iron deficiency;


  • Heart palpitations
  • Desire to eat ice or soil
  • Restless legs syndrome, which is one of some psychiatric disorders
  • Conditions such as slowing down thyroid function in the body are observed. People with iron deficiency or people who experience such conditions should go to a specialist and have a blood test.



What Causes Iron Deficiency?

Iron deficiency can have more than one cause. These causes are often due to improper nutrition.



Conditions that cause iron deficiency;

  • Wrong diet and diet
  • Excessive consumption of processed foods
  • Folic acid and B12 deficiency
  • Excessive menstrual bleeding in women
  • Improper and inadequate intake of animal foods
  • Early initiation of children into cow's milk instead of breast milk
  • Excessive consumption of caffeinated products, coffee, and tea


Constant fatigue is one of the symptoms of iron deficiency.



Iron Deficiency Treatment


Iron deficiency is a condition that must necessarily be diagnosed by a specialist, and a treatment plan must be made according to him. In addition to the importance of nutrition in iron deficiency, medications are given by a specialist to increase the chances of treatment in this regard. The drugs used should not be used in combination with milk and dairy products. Simultaneously, those who take iron deficiency medication should consume tea and coffee about an hour after drinking the drug. If iron deficiency is controlled and treated by a specialist, it usually benefits and eliminates iron deficiency.



How Should People With Iron Deficiency Be Fed


  • Vitamin C increases and facilitates the absorption of iron in the body. This is why we should consume products that are vitamin C next to our meals.
  • We must take care that the products we use to cook and store food are not aluminum or steel products.
  • We should not cook legumes and meat products too much. These products, which are cooked too much, reduce the absorption of iron.
  • Regularly and often, eating pulp foods reduces the emblem of iron in the body. So we need to reduce this kind of feeding a little more.
  • We should not consume tea and coffee with meals.
  • We should consume more green leafy.
  • Foods such as molasses and eggs should be included in our breakfast and meals.
  • Consumption of products such as dried fruit and apricots during intermediate meals is a food that decays and supports daily iron absorption.


Lack of iron in their diets and putting in order people usually have iron deficiency in the body, increases iron in the blood, and gradually eliminates the symptoms. It is essential to eat healthy to eliminate iron deficiency.

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