What Is Metabolic Syndrome? Symptoms and Treatment

What Is Metabolic Syndrome? Symptoms and Treatment

Metabolic syndrome is a condition in which insulin resistance is based, and there are many cardiometabolic risks.

Metabolic syndrome has its components. These components initially; hypertension, excess weight, especially the waist circumference is too broad, sugar metabolism is manifested as a disorder.

  • With the appearance of these components, a person is at risk for cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.
  • The probability of appearing in adults is 22%. As age progresses, its incidence increases.
  • In this process, which begins with insulin resistance, the patient gains weight as insulin resistance is formed. As you gain weight,the fat around the abdomen increases. Blood pressure is added to these ailments.
  • There is a deterioration in blood fat, there is an increase in blood sugar, and this disease occurs. Metabolic syndrome is seen as a disease of the modern world.
  • This disease is observed in many people with irregular eating, spending long hours at the table, avoiding exercise, and working under intense stress.
  • Anyone who is obese falls into the definition of metabolic syndrome. People with obesity and diabetes in their families are close to metabolic syndrome.
  • This disease also occurs from time to time in weak individuals. In general, the cause depends on genetic grounds.


How Is Metabolic Syndrome Diagnosed?


Metabolic syndrome is a syndrome characterized by insulin resistance. The best indicator that shows us the insulin resistance component is the width of the waist circumference.

  • 102cm in men,
  • 88cm is a high risk in women.
  • 94cm in men and more than 80cm in women also pose a risk. If these values exist, it is necessary to suspect metabolic syndrome.


In these people, hypertension, high blood pressure, lipid table disorders, blood fat disorders, and blood sugar levels may be disorders. These must be checked. A person has 3 of these counts, a diagnosis of metabolic syndrome occurs, and the person begins appropriate treatment.


How Is Metabolic Syndrome Treated?

Treating Metaboloki syndrome, one of the best treatments for metabolic syndrome, is regular nutrition, diet, and exercise.

  • It can be treated with diet, exercise, and lifestyle change.
  • In conditions where these are not enough, medication and insulin therapy are on the list.

With diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes that are important, and drug use, treatment goals can be achieved in about a portion of patients with Type 2 diabetes. This is not an acceptable rate.

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