Calcium Deficiency

Calcium Deficiency


Calcium deficiency, calcium is a mineral that is very important for bone, dental and skin health, and can show many symptoms as a result of its weakness.

Calcium deficiency is called hypocalcemia. Calcium is the most common mineral in the body. Calcium mineral is most commonly found in teeth and bones, so when it is deficient, it is also most affected by teeth and bones. Every part of the body can be affected by this condition when calcium deficiency is observed, but teeth and bones are most affected. Symptoms of calcium deficiency can be treated with medication at the same time. Eating a healthy and balanced diet with medication, consuming foods containing calcium is also a treatment for calcium deficiency.


What Are The Symptoms Of Calcium Deficiency?


  • As a result of the lack of calcium, which is present in the structure of the teeth and helps maintain the health of the teeth, the teeth become brittle, and decay begins.
  • It is essential for the health of bones. For this reason, cracks or fractures may occur in the bones, except for injuries as a result of small blows.
  • Nails become weak, and nails take a long time to grow and break frequently.
  • It can lead to a very severe premenstrual syndrome known as PMS before the menstrual period.
  • The mood can change very quickly due to calcium deficiency. Extreme nervous, nervous, grumpy, anxious, and depressed states can be seen.
  • Because it can cause deterioration of skin health, the skin dries, roughness appears on the skin, and the skin pales.

Eye health may deteriorate, visual disorders develop, especially in cataracts, which can lead to calcium symptoms.

  • Pain occurs in joints and bones due to calcium deficiency. As a result, chronic pain may develop, and mobility may be limited.
  • Bone resorption may occur due to a lack of calcium.
  • Due to calcium deficiency, hair becomes thinner, drier, and falls out in large amounts.
  • Forgetfulness occurs in people with calcium deficiency because it causes forgetfulness.
  • Numbness may occur in the hands, arms, and contractions and cramps may frequently occur when there is a lack of calcium, which is essential for novelization and health.
  • Fatigue, weakness, which are classic symptoms of Vitamin and mineral deficiencies, are observed.
  • Due to constant fatigue, it will be like Sleepless after a while, so it will be difficult to focus or lack attention.

Along with all this, heart health can also deteriorate, heart contractions become irregular, vibrations can be observed.

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