Physical Security

The service structured in accordance with the defined psychiatric risks of the patients as physical and mechanical measures:

First of all, the sense of homeness; The rooms and corridors are designed to look similar to the house with a street view. Comfortable day rooms with patient rooms and common activity areas make patients feel at home in our relaxing environments.

1. There are special protected televisions in our living rooms.

2. With our digital imaging system, our services are monitored by an expert team and follow-up is done.

3. Double entry door system in the service entrances, smart doors with magnetic card reader, automatic systems that do not open a door without closing the other one.

4. Patient room doors that cannot be locked either from the inside or from the outside and controlled bathroom are available in the rooms.

5. In the 5-star hotel comfort hospital all service glasses are unbreakable and metallic objects are not used.

6. Unbreakable bathroom mirrors.

7. Non-slip Bathroom floors.

8. Adjustable Bathroom shower head is wall fixed; no extension connections were used. For patient’s safety, it does not carry more than 30 kilos weight to avoid any hanging attempt.

9. Bathroom towel racks are not designed to carry more than 3 kg weight.

10. There are unbreakable round sight glasses in patient room doors.

11. The chest of drawers in the patient rooms are fixed on the floor and the drawers are not removable.

12. The dressing cabinets in the patient rooms are in the form of a built-in closet and the handles of the cupboard are unbreakable.

13. The patient beds are fixed wood and 20 mm high from the ground.

14. The nurse call system is wall-mounted and accessible to the patient by the hand.

15. The patient's televisions have a special unbreakable cabinet.

16. Room electric sockets are set at 12 volts.

17. Service nurse banks were made in the form of double-sided locked capillary with a height that makes them reach the patient's chest.

The treatment rooms are reached behind the bank and through the locked security doors.

18. The patient's living rooms and patient rooms are monitored with 24-hour recorded night vision cameras.

19. The cameras are monitored and recorded by the health personnel at the main control desk at the nurse counters with 20 separate views on 3 separate screens at the same time.

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