Symptoms Of Iron Deficiency

Symptoms Of Iron Deficiency


Iron deficiency symptoms are known as symptoms that occur if the iron mineral is below the values that it should be in the blood.

We can say that there are two different types of symptoms of iron deficiency. One is a symptom of iron deficiency in the blood, and the other is a symptom that accompanies anemia due to iron deficiency, causing anemia.


  • Vitamins and minerals are known to be very important for skin health. Due to iron deficiency, the hair begins to break, dry, and lose its shine. Just like hair, skin dries, pales, yellows, and becomes dull.
  • As a result of iron deficiency, the nails break and do not grow.
  • One of the common symptoms of Vitamin deficiencies is intra-oral wounds. In iron deficiency, wounds are also seen in the mouth. Apart from wounds inside the mouth, cracks may also occur on the lips.


Symptoms after iron deficiency cause anemia (when iron deficiency anemia occurs) :


  • Chronic fatigue and weakness are observed.
  • Chronic headaches are seen.
  • Concentration problems are observed.
  • People with iron deficiency frequently get cold. Body temperatures are always low.
  • Another symptom of iron deficiency is dizziness.



  • With dizziness, the eyes may darken, feel like fainting, or frequent fainting may occur.
  • Numbness can be felt in the hands and feet.
  • Hair loss can occur.
  • Nervousness, in general, is the subject.

These symptoms manifest iron deficiency.



Iron Deficiency Treatment


Symptoms of iron deficiency are a condition that can be seen in everyone and at any age. Iron deficiency symptoms are prevalent in pregnant women and young girls (especially those whose menstrual periods are long and intense). Symptoms of iron deficiency and iron-deficiency anemia are conditions that need to be treated and can be treated. The goal of treating iron deficiency symptoms is not only to eliminate the symptoms of an iron deficiency but also to fill iron stores. If the cause of iron deficiency anemia is blood loss, it is possible for patients with iron deficiency anemia to give blood to the patient. In other cases of iron deficiency and iron-deficiency anemia, oral medications are recommended for patients. These drugs should be used regularly. Otherwise, an iron deficiency will be challenging to eliminate. In other words, the cause of iron deficiency symptoms should be determined and treated, the cause of which has not been determined may not be possible to treat the symptoms of iron deficiency

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