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Substances Leading to Addiction

Who can be an addict?

First, we should be aware that whoever does drugs can become an addict as there is not drug that can be used safely. The possibility of becomming an addict increases for people who already have familial issues, have less ability to face problems or have genetic features


What are the substances that lead to addiction?

Substances that lead addiciton:

Tobacco, alcohol, heroin, cocaine, some types of fungus, ketamine, methamphetamine. In the last years, addiciton caused by drugs that are extracted from cannabis is difficult to be identified and cured.

The whole World started to be consious of the risks and negative effects drugs have. In the end, everything makes you feel like you have got an award because of addiction. For example, internet addiction has become widely spread especially among teenagers and young people, gambling now can be played online along with video games. As moders technology has developped, new types of gambling has also appeared.

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28 Mayıs 2019
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18 Ekim 2021