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Amatem Bağımlılık Merkezi

About Addiction Center

Behavioral dependencies such as alcohol and substance use disorders, known as drug addiction, internet addiction, gambling addiction and eating disorders are treated in our NPİSTANBUL Addiction Center. Apart from that, Addiction Center offers its educational programs for children, families of our patients as well as for their physicians. For this purpose, parental educational meetings are held weekly. 

Any relevant and up-to-date information on addiction, its treatment is available at our website and can be obtained in Polyclinic Department. 

Our specialists are here to assist you and your dearly loved ones in their struggle with addiction regardless of their gender or social status; religious beliefs or political views. NPİSTANBUL Addiction Center provides qualified confidential psychiatric help, pharmacological or non-pharmacological treatment and even minimal invasive treatment of all types of addiction to those who are in need of it.