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Gambling Addiction

To be able to forget about his problems be it familial, personal or psychological, the person plays gambling nonstop until he becomes an addict.

The percentage of gambling addiction reaches 3% and it can be found in different social hierarchies. It is quite common amongst men that age between 40 and 50 years old and at the same time it is getting popular amongst youths.

How does gambling addiction happen?

Gambling addiction usually starts with curiosity. But over time, curiosity turns into a desire to win, which once again leads to gambling and addiction.

If five or more of the symptoms below are found along with continuous or inappropriate manner gambling, it means that gambling addiction exists in the person. However, it requires specialists to make the diagnosis of the patient.

* Continuing thinking about gambling and previous experiences (such as living past gambling experiences, imagining and planning the next game)

* In order to get the amount of excitement that he wants, the person begins to increase the amount of money he plays.

* With games that end with a loss, start attempts to leave the game and control or reduce it.

* Emotion, chest tightness and bad feeling when trying to reduce or leave gambling.

* Try to leave gambling or reduce depression and anxiety.

* Gambling to escape from problems, get rid of depression, anxiety, guilt and negative emotions.

* After losing money in gambling, the person plays again to compensate for what he lost in the previous days (loss compensation)

* The person lies to his family, psychologists and others regarding the amount of money played.

* Gambling addicts continue to play gambling by saving money in any way from fraud or sometimes theft.

* Possibility to lose some important relationships, work, education or profession because of gambling addiction.

* Reliance on others to get rid of the economic problems resulting from this addiction. 


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