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Technology Addiction

Absence of control over the desire to increase the use of internet as well as the presence of tense behavior when you are deprived of it are both signs of addiction that affects the social life of the individual. Abuse and dependence can develop with the disappearance of control over the use of internet. Today, the physiological dependence of computers and the Internet environment is certain.

Essentially addictive technology;

Technology addiction has negative effects on the individual in terms of physical and mental health as well as social problems as it causes problems in the family, school, work and social life. Relying on technology, the person begins to lose control, the thing that causes satisfactory disorders in him and thus makes it necessary for him to be treated by a specialist. When internet is intentionally used, it facilitates human life. With today's developing technology, many changes, improvements and comfort are provided in our lives.

What are the reasons behind technology addiction?

Technology started to be an addiction with the introduction of internet. However, the lack of use of technology by a given person or the rare use of it is also a negative thing as the case will be considered as a sort of withdrawal and shortage which is not very different from addiction.

Technology addiction can be noticed on individuals from different ages and sexes, however it is noticed on males 2-3 times more than it is noticed on females as the latters tend to spend most of their online time chatting or reading about something whereas males are more focused on gaming, especially war, violent and sport games.

The percentage of addiction in the society is 1.8% which proves that such a type of addiction exists and that it should be treated.

Technology addiction is a reason for several diseases as the addict might have depression and social fear.

On the other hand, a person who already suffers from such problems might turn over to internet and there starts to be addicted.

Having analyzed technology addiction, internet use standards have been set. If 5 of these standards exist in a person, then he is thought to be an internet addict.

What are the symptoms of technology addiction?

  • Technology addiction generally starts with the excessive use of internet be it on or not on purpose.
  • Staying late at night in front of the computer.
  • Feeling empty when being away from the computer of the phone.
  • Giving up food, relaxation and spending time with friends for the sake of spending time online

How should the family approach the child?

We have to direct technology addict children towards doing social activities.

During this period, the family should show more interest in their child and should never disturb him. They should also set rules for their child on how to use internet and should also establish a good communication with him.

Technology addiction treatment:

The psychological side often plays an important role in developing addiction. Thus, the major aim behind the treatment is to identify the psychological reasons and deal with them. Medical and psychological treatments are adopted in behavioral cognitive therapy context and in technology addiction therapy context.



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