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Spouse Addiction

It is constantly doing acts that meet the requirements of the spouse even though it does not meet too much neither with personal freedom, career nor with logic.

Signs of spouse addiction:

The feeling of guilt.

Making the spouse prior to oneself.

Ignoring daily tasks and routines.

Reduction of social activities.

Feeling burden when meeting the needs and requirements of the spouse.

Excessive affection and passion towards others.

Being very sad when not thanked for the efforts made.

Continuing the relationship despite all marital problems.

Inability to secede.

Fear of loneliness.

Excessive attention to others' opinions.

lack of self confidence.

Lack of sensation.

Pushing others to control them.

The constant desire to recieve positive feedback on their deeds.

In general, the addict has a fear of loneliness, lack of feeling, a sense of burden when meeting the needs and requirements of the spouse as well as lack of self confidence.

This type of addiction usually results from a shock that the person had in his childhood.

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02 Temmuz 2019
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15 Ekim 2021