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Shopping Addiction

Shopping addiction:It is a psychological illness where the person feels relaxed, happy, strong and superior to other people when doing shopping.

People want to do shopping to feel good, but the situation for the addict is different as he experiences a feeling of pleasure and relaxation while shopping, but after a while he begins to have feelings of regret and guilt.

Shopping addiction is a serious psychological disorder that needs to be treated. Today, it is a widespread behavior.

In shopping addiction called Onyomani, there is an obsessive impulsive behavior pattern. It often manifests itself as an intense mental preoccupation with a desire to make excessive shopping and spend excessive money on unnecessary things. When an individual feels generally angry, anxious or upset, he has a need to shop in order to feel pleasure, enthusiasm and relaxation. As soon as he sees shopping packages, long-term feelings of guilt, trouble and shame appear. After a while, the amount of money spent leads to problems in his life and shopping becomes a vicious cycle.

In fact, all types of addiction have something in common that is the fact that the addicts use them as a curtain to hide their emotional gaps and the difficulties they face in life. In shopping addiction, the curtain manifests itself into those buying behaviors. The basic principles of addiction also apply to the treatment of shopping addiction. To be aware of the event, to decide and then to take action.

People who have a shopping addiction disorder find it difficult to accept that this is an addiction, because, according to them, this is not a dependency, but rather a simple need for shopping. But in time they start to think about being treated as their economic situation starts to be difficult. In such cases, one must first accept that there is a shopping addiction in order to start the treatment as the process cannot take place without the person’s admission of its existence.

Psychological support, individual and group treatment, family and friend support are important for getting rid of shopping addiction. When the person's surroundings support him in this direction, the treatment process will be even better.


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23 Mayıs 2019
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16 Ekim 2021