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Crack Cocaine Addiction

Rock addiction (crack cocaine): hydrochloric cocaine is a substance obtained after adding sodium bicarbonate, ammonia and water. Dried cocaine is similar to small stones and it is a substance that has a rapid and immediate effect as it can cause addiction after first use.

Rock is the strongest and most dangerous form of cocaine compared to normal cocaine, where its effect is fatal and begins to develop more rapidly.

Because it is more expensive than cocaine and other drugs, it is often used by people who have a good financial condition; however a person whose financial condition does not allow him to use it and is addicted to it still tries to get it.

The rock (crack) is smoked like cigarettes after being burnt. People who are addicted to cigarette smoking are more likely to be addicted to marijuana and cocaine.

Crack effect appears in 10-15 seconds and as it is the most addictive substance, the person strongly wants to use it for the second time after taking it for the first time.

Crack addiction develops very quickly with an increase in the amount used. The greater the amount, the more money is spent to get it and thus an increase of the possibility to commit crime happens.

How does addiction to the rock affect the body?

The crack addict feels unhappy, anxious and nervous. He thinks he will be released from these feelings by using larger amounts of crack.

Crack is a material that shows its effect quickly, so for him to get the feeling he got the first time, the addict starts consuming larger amounts.

Many people with a crack addiction make quick consumption during this cycle.

As there are no physical symptoms of rock addiction (crack), addicts claim they are not addicted to it.

Addiction to the crack may lead to lack of or excessive sleeping, nightmares and increased appetite.

Trying to overcome these symptoms, the addict uses the crack again.

Long time after use, the crack causes bleeding in the nose and the brain, blockage of blood vessels and brain arteries, as well as other diseases such as increased heart beat and high blood pressure.

Treatment of Rock Addiction (Crack)

Treatment of rock addiction (crack) starts with some tests that are made as soon as the person arrives to the treatment center. On the basis of these tests’ results, the appropriate diagnosis is made, and treatment begins right away.

Treatment takes the form of medications and ongoing psychiatric treatment sessions.

Rock addiction (crack) is a long-term treatment. Therefore, it is organized based on the patient’s personal needs and life.

The family of the addict and the people around him must provide enough support. The form and the way of the treatment vary from time to time.

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