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Heroin Addiction

Heroin addiction: heroin effect lasts 4-6 hours in general. This type of addiction can develop quickly and is more dangerous than other types of addiction, as the possibility of treating this type of addiction is very difficult.

Heroin, opium is a substance that has an effect like morphine on the body, which causes addiction and a desire to consume it in an abusive way.

More than 20 different opiates that are chemically different from each other in the world are used in treatment.

In developed countries, the most frequently used opioid substance is heroin.

There is high risk of having Heroin addiction even when this substance is used once.

New capsules of papaver sapniferum types are broken and dried then to obtain opium. Morphine In Afro, heroin (diacetylmorphine) is obtained from the treatment of morphine. The person who uses it enjoys a feeling of well-being.

The opium is obtained from the dormant poppy plant by scratching the plant and taking the seeds from it and then drying them. Heroin is taken from morphine which is again taken from opium.

Even with a one-time use, heroin has a high capacity to cause addiction and it shows its effect faster than other substances.

How does heroin addiction affect the body?

Heroin is consumed by the addicts either by inhalation or by intravenous injection.

The way heroin is consumed affects the speed of its effect as well as the period of time its effect lasts.

Heroin addicts often feel lazy and inactive and tend to move slowly.

Heroin addicts even reach the point where they do not take care of themselves and their appearance, and because of losing weight they appear a bad health condition.

Since heroin is a calming substance, a person who is addicted to heroin has a great preference for happiness, joy and relaxation.

After the constant use of heroin, addiction reaches a dangerous level, where the addict becomes physically and psychologically linked to heroin.

People who are addicted to heroin have difficulty learning, concentrating and memorizing.

Heroin addicts have stomach nausea, difficulty in breathing and low heartbeat, that can develop into severe breathing problems.

Heroin addiction is a disease that can be cured by specialists, and thus must be kept under their permanent supervision.

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23 Mayıs 2019
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