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Drug Addiction

It is the most addictive substance which shows its results right after use This type of addiction shows clear negative results on the patient Cocaine is an alkaloid derived from a plant called pellets which grows naturally in South America where leaves used to be chewed inorder to achieve results In 1860.

Erythoroxylin substance has been extracted and been used for local anesthesy Now it is used for local anesthesy in eye nose and neck surgeries as it helps tighten the blood vessels

In 1884 the writers of Segmund Freud’s biography indicated that he had been a cocaine addict for a periode of time Cocaine used to cure several diseases In 1880 and 1890 has been included in Merk manual in 1899 When the addictive features and side effects have been identified in 1914 cocaine has been classified as a morphine and heroin icluding drug How does cocaine addiction affect your body Cocaine immediately shows its effects on its addicts and this effect lasts for 30 to 60 minutes in the person so it will be easy to tell that he is consuming Cocaine addicts still use it despite its bad consequences and how much of a danger it consists for life Cocaine addicts suffer from emotional disbalance problems of sleep nausea symptoms Even if cocaine is used only once the crave to consume it again starts and thus the person will be an addict While consuming cocaine the person starts to lose interest in life and starts also to make this substance a priority Cocaine addicts often feel over happy and excited and start having social problems They also face big problems in marriage relationships and economic life

It is probable for cocaine addicts to have severe health problems such as heart brain and liver disease Cocaine addicts need a Professional treatment to quit addiction Addicts under treatment should recieve help and support from the people around them all along the treatment periode Some addicts can not recover as the addiction might have reached an advanced state from which recovery will not be possible Crack cocaine addiction Hydrochloric cocaine is a substance made from the combination of Sodium bicarbonate ammonia and water Dried cocaine looks like small stones It is a substance that has a quick impact and huge risks as it leads to addiction from the first use Stone is the hardest and most dangerous type of cocaine especially when compared to usual cocaine as its impact starts developping faster and it can lead even to death

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