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Brain Implants (Chips) against Addiction

It is planted under the skin and it aims at keeping the addict away from alcohol and drogs once for all

Cleansing while doing the treatment aims at reducing the crave

In the first stage of treatment the patient’s body will be cleaned from the remainings of drogs by keeping him away from them and reducing the impacts of restriction   All this is done without either exhausting the body or neglecting psychological issues if they exist

In the next stage medecines that biologically reduce the crave will be given to the patient

Up to this time the medecines are given orally on a daily basis in the form of pills and capsules

Late studies have showed that addiction just like any chronic disease reacts to medication within a limited periode of time the thing that required the introduction of medicines of long-term impact

The slice at reducing the crave

Through the implantation of a slice under the skin which has an impact that lasts for two month

It should stay in the body for at least one year

The slice technique can not be applied on all patients but it can be applied instead on patients with motivation and who can carry on their treatment at the hospital

It is often used with alcohol and heroin addicts

Represses the crave for drogs

A major characteristic of the slice is that it limits the impact of drogs on the person

Staying away from drogs is a source of motivation for the addict   We should wait about a week before starting the treatment to make sure that alcohol and heroin have disapeared from the blood   This is because in case heroin is in the blood and the slice is planted it gets pushed by the receptors and stucks into the slice the thing that makes the patient have more crave and thus get into heroin attack

During treatment the blood gets cleaned for seven to ten days and then the slice will be planted   After the plantation the patient will be kept under observation for few days and then will be released

Plantation differs according the substance consumed

 Plantation differs according to the substance consumed   Disulfiram will be adopted for alcohol addicts and  naltrexone for heroin addicts  This medicine should be taken on a daily basis as it stops the enzyme responsible for the breakdown of alcohol  so in case the person takes alcohol during that periode he might have an alcoholic poisoning   For this the patient is informed not to take any alcoholic drink during this period

It is applied on the lower part of the belly

During observation period the psychologist gives his approval for the plantation  After that a small opperation takes place on the lower part of the belly

To avoid any sort of infection the patient will be kept under observation for 24 hours

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28 Mayıs 2019
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