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Deep TMS in Addiciton Treatment

Why is deep magnetic simulation of the brain important for addiciton treatment

In reference to deep magnetic simulation of the brain treatment, prof.Dr.Nesrin Dilbaz said: “Addiction is one of the diseases that are hard to treat, that is why it is important to fix the damaged areas of the brain” Nowadays, addiction is considered as a chronic disease so, like schizophrenia, it should be treated and, like diabetes, it shouldbe taken care of for long periods. Addiction results from problems in terms of will, personality and ethics. Deep inside the brain exists the center of reward which is responsible for the production of dopamine that is a hormone of neurotransmitters. Deep magnetic simulation of the brain is an affective treatment of addiction as it eliminates the changes that drug made on the brain.


The application of deep magnetic simulation of the brain in treating addiction:

Prof.Dr.Nesrin Dilbaz said: “while treating addiciton, the aim is to get rid of drugs and alcohol that are in the body and then to reduce the crave”. Despite using the usual treatment methods such as medication as well as individual and group psychological treatment sessions, it is still difficult to deal addiciton and crave. Deep magnetic simulation aims at simulating deep areas of the brain. Recent studies have showed that deep magnetic simulation help reduce the crave and abnormal acts and rush from a side and help the patient think properly and take the right decisions, the first of which is staying away from drug and alcohol. The duration of session differs in relation to the substance taken, its quantity and how often it is taken.

What are the cases that require deep magnetic simulation of the brain?

Prof.Dr.Nesrin Dilbaz said that deep magnetic stimulation techniques are needed in cases that are fully cured after taking medicaitons, and also when the desire to use and seek drugs occurs after treatment.

60% to 70% of addicts start to face problems of depression, anxiety, and other psychological diseases that also require treatment. In that conext, prof.Dr. Nasreen dilbaz said: “deep magnetic stimulation of the brain help treat addiction and mental illness associated with it”


Do deep magnetic simulation sessions include any risks?

Deep magnetic brain simulation sessions, like other magnetic simulation sessions, do not have much risk. Prof.Dr. Nasreen dilbaz said: “comparing Deep magnetic brain simulation sessions to other magnetic simulation sessions shows that the prior do not have much risk and that they do not cause any damage to the brain”

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28 Mayıs 2019
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16 Ekim 2021