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Psychology Behind Addiction

Based on the fact that the person is a social creature and approaching the person’s psychology from a scientific perspective we have reached the conclusion that the aspect that make a difference in psychological swings and in addiction differs from a person to another.

When making a psychological evaluation of addiciton it becomes clear that it is associated with pleasure wich through time leads to psychological problems represses the person’s will and makes his brain not do its task in the normal way.

These psychological negative effects are

Starting to close to himself and getting away from social life and neglecting self-care   The person starts to have less interest in proffesional and educational life as it becomes difficult for him to keep up with it  the thing that leads to more and more failures  This is because negative effects work as a chain that drags the addict into failure regardless of the differnces in character that might exist from one person to the other.

Besides the failure in proffesional and academic life the addict starts to lose control over the feelings of anger and agressivity

Addiction leads to several legal problems as he gets into meaningless conflicts and gets into anger and agression strikes  Along with the social and physical negative effects of addiciton the psychological effect is still the one that causes most damage to the addict and his life.

In the study made on the psychological side of addiction

The result achieved after analysing the reason behind getting addicted its duration the treatment and post-treatment perides shows that good results can be achieved in hospitals that include addiction treatment branches especially when relying on medication psychological therapy sessions as well as social activities.

After being released from hospital treatment carries on with psychological therapy sessions this is how much important the psychological side is for recovering.



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02 Temmuz 2019
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