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Addiction in Children

We can not assume that who ever takes alcohol or does drogs is an addict because the person goes through three stages to reach addiction stat

Consuming for the sake of trying

Out of curiosity the person starts consuming to know what feeling might drogs and alcohol bring to him    during the first stages the person does not consume more than  three or four times   after that he starts to enjoy the change drogs and alcohol bring up to his body

Group use

During this stage the person starts using more often like once and twice a month    He starts chasing the feelings he has when using alcohol or drogs and thus wants more and more use     inorder to be accepted as a member of the group he consumes with   This stage is risky even though he has not yet reached the third stage

Wrong use

The rate of consumption encreases as the person starts depending on drogs and alcohol to go over anxiety violence and negative feelings  Change and feeling repression start to take all his time so consumption starts to be part of his Daily life  At this stage if consuming continues it turns into addiction


It is a chronic disease that makes the person unable to control craving and as a matter of fact seek drog at any occasion despite its negative effects

To assume that a person is an addict the symptoms bellow should be noticed

The constant crave for drogs and alcohol

Facing problems in low of small or zero consumption

The constant increase in the consumption rate

Continuing consumption despite the negative effects drogs have

Wasting most of the time fetching alcohol and drogs and then getting rid of their trace

Making less time for the partner work academic life and similar activities

Several failed attemps to quit

How should we react

Someone who consumes several times is not necessary an addict

Keep an eye on him keeping eye on your child and on the problems he faces will help you know if he is still consuming

His friends should not be neglected either as it is important to know how and where your child spends his spare time

Be close and be a good example to him

Is your child in danger because he does drogs

Studies have showed that parents play a crucial role in keeping their children away from drogs as the stress they might create or the alcohol and cigarette they might use might have a direct impact on the child

If one of the four features bellow exists in your child this means that the risk for him to start conssuming is low

How can I know that my relationship with my children is good


The ability to communicate in a proper and calm way with your child

A good communication between the parents and their child is one of the corner stones of a strong family   To establish this type of communication parents should be aware of the things their child is going through trying to know the problems he is facing and deal with them at an early stage and also should support the good habbits he has

To establish a good communication

Pick the right time to talk

Prepare for the chat you will have with your chid beforehand

Be patient and calm while communicating with him

Have control over your behaviour thoughts and emotions

If you feel that you are not ready enough to talk to him try to delay it for a better time

Make him feel that you understand his position

To make sure that you understood him the right way summarise his words to him

Emphasize the good things he has done

Support and reward

How often do you support your child’s good deeds per day

Parents’ support is one of the most important things that encrease the child’s self confidence and give him the motivation required to make new friends and do some new activities and thus discover his talents as well as develops ability to face his fears

To support him

 Ask his opinion now and then

Listen to what he says

Take his opinion while trying to solve a familial issues

Give him compliments and thank him for the good thing he does or achieves like (thank you) (congratulations) (I like what you did) (I am proud of you)

Fruitful talk Can you properly discuss the issues you come across

Instead of taking emmidiate individual decisions about the issues you have and instead of taking quick moves try to discuss first inorder to build up the spirit of the group which will make problem solving easier

Doing all this will make you achieve the following results


Developing communication skills

Encreasing self confidence

Encreasing group spirit which will decrease tensio

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