Triple P Parenting Program

Triple P Parenting Program


The Triple P positive parenting program is an evidence-based educational support system for parents and those responsible for the care of children.


The purpose of Triple P is for parents

The aim is to gain the skills and confidence they need in managing their children's social, emotional, and behavioral problems by including, encouraging and strengthening them.


Triple P Education is Child Guidance for Parents

By taking Triple P training, parents increase their awareness of raising children. At this point, cooperation with families is very important. The purpose of the triple education is to raise awareness among parents and reduce their anxiety in raising children.

• To control the behavior and development problems in children is to increase the competence of parents.

• To help reduce the use of parenting attitudes that punish children and compel them at certain points.

• To improve the communication of parents with their children in parenting roles.

• To reduce the anxiety of raising children experienced by mothers and fathers.


Benefits of Triple P Training

NP Feneryolu Medical Center Child Adolescent Unit Expert Clinical Psychologist Duygu Barlas gave the following information about the Triple P training to be given in our hospital:


“By teaching positive mother and father, the child can live in the future; We decided to apply this training in our hospital so that it can be prevented at an early age without problems such as anger, school incompatibility, behavioral problems, and relationship problems with parents. It is important that parents of young children attend this training. It is important that the people attending all 4 sessions. In education, we will provide parents with positive attitudes without conflict with their children and to develop the ability to solve problems. This training is also applied in different parts of the world. Families who receive this education say that after education, they establish a more positive relationship with their children. Education from us, but families are also of the same opinion makes us happy. I find this kind of education valuable because it is preventive without problems and protecting families ”.


In education, parents are provided with the ability to solve problems by displaying positive attitudes without going into conflict with their children.


This training is also applied in different parts of the world. Families who receive this education say that they have established a more positive relationship with their children after education. This kind of education has a precious place with its preventive approach and preventive families.


Professor Matt Sanders at the University of Queensland in Australia. Triple P programs, developed by Matt Sanders and friends, have been translated into more than 20 languages ​​for more than 35 years, implemented in more than 25 countries and reached the families of more than 4 million children.


Triple P is one of the most effective and evidence-based parenting education systems in the world, internationally recognized. The success of Triple P in different cultures, socio-economic groups and family structures has been proven by more than 830 articles published by 375 academic and research institutions and researchers from 30 countries.


The Triple P system offers a multi-level application model to suit the needs of parents of 0-12 years of age and children with adolescence in different types and intensities of information, advice and professional support services.


The logic of this progressive, multi-level intervention (interference) is that there are different levels of functional and behavioral problems in children and adolescents, and parents have different needs and desires for the type, intensity and shape of the support they will need.

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