Social Phobia

Social Phobia

Social phobia is known as a disorder in psychiatry, which is among anxiety disorders. It is also called social anxiety.

Since phobias are fears experienced in certain situations, social phobia can also be defined as anxiety experienced in social settings. When we look at the general symptoms of social phobia; When a person enters a new environment, they experience anxiety. Palpitations and difficulties in self-expression accompany this picture.


Social phobia, social phobic people are excited and distressed when they have to meet a new person in the environment where they live. If this person is a student, he/she has difficulty in speaking in the classroom due to his social phobia and avoids taking the floor. If she has to speak, her face will become red, her voice may become shaky, tremors may appear in the hands, a blockage in thought or even a stop of speech may occur.

The secondary negative effect of social phobia also manifests itself with a tendency to withdraw from society. In the early period of social phobia, the child cannot tell anyone about this problem from shame. In our society, the graveness of social phobia can be ignored because even shy children receive praise. If the disease is not known and not intervened in time, the child will have difficulties in the future. During the university years, the problem increases. Because the problem gets deeper when not treated.

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