Family / Marriage Therapies (Couple Therapy)

Family / Marriage Therapies (Couple Therapy)

Marital conflict is one of the most disturbing of the problems in human life. There are some problems in every marriage, but sometimes the problems can lead to a deep disappointment in the couple and to question the continuation of the marriage. However, it is possible to stop it going bad. Although couples can achieve this by developing problem-solving skills through their own efforts, they often need professional help and need Marital Therapy.



At what point do you need to see a therapist?

No marriage is perfect. Almost every couple may need help from time to time throughout their marriage. You don't necessarily need to be in a troubled marriage to get marriage therapy. It is not unusual yet in our country, but many couples who have strong marriages abroad receive marriage counseling or participate in relationship development programs in order to improve their relationships or prevent problems that may arise.


Conflicted marriages are different from the ups and downs in most people's marital life. In troubled marriages, the disappointment in the relationship does not come and go, it is not an occasional feeling but decidedly, and people feel deep dissatisfaction with their marriage.

In such marriages, there are frequent and increasingly violent fights. Fights don't lead to solutions, they just create a sense of burnout. But relationships in troubled marriages aren't always belligerent. In some marriages there is no fight but the relationship is not quality, the spouses are completely disconnected from each other; they stop doing things for each other and communication completely, in which case things start to get worse in marriage life.


Frequent discussions that have not been resolved, loss of positive feelings, decreased friendship, sex and vitality are signs that marriage is problematic. It is possible to say that marriage is in a big problem and the risk of divorce is high if there is a lack of care, introversion, violence and a complete disconnect. It is not necessary to be officially married to speak of marital conflict. Long-term serious relationships may also require marriage therapy with such problems.


What kind of problems that may face in marriage that require therapy?

Problems in marriage often arise in matters such as communication, problem solving, discussion, emotional intimacy, and sexuality.


Communication conflicts often occur in the relationships of people who have not fully understood the requirements of being married, who have not learned how to make a healthy communication and how to provide cooperation and support.


In such people the relationship may go well for a while during the early Romantic periods of the relationship. But if couples are not ready for long-term tasks in marriage, then problems begin to occur. Studies on couples show that the risk of marital discord and separation is higher in the early stages of marriage. However, conflicts also increase after the couple have children and after the children transition into puberty or leave home.


Sometimes marriage problems are directly the result of individual problems (e.g. alcohol and substance abuse) and marriage may even seem to be going well. In a situation like this, even a single traumatic event can be enough to stress the marriage. For example, a couple with a solid marriage can overcome a traumatic event such as an extramarital affair, while couples who experience ongoing problems in a closed manner may have a more negative outcome.


Marriage therapy is also required in the treatment of sexual problems. Because sexuality and other parts of marriage are related to each other. Sometimes problems in marriage affect sex life, sometimes sexual problems affect the whole of marriage. Research reveals that sexual dysfunctions and marital problems often occur together, if not always. In this relationship, emotions are expressed not only verbally but also with the body, so it is impossible to solve a problem in this field without communication. Even if the sexual problem of the spouses is an independent problem in other areas of marriage, there must be harmony and cooperation between them when solving the problem and this communication is provided by marriage therapy.

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