Psychiatric Disorders With Physical Symptoms

Psychiatric Disorders With Physical Symptoms


Mental illness is the general name given to psychological disorders that prevent a person from maintaining a healthy life.



What Are Mental Illnesses

The diseases listed below are some of the mental illnesses

Obsessive compulsive disorder


Social Phobia

Panic Disorder

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Bipolar Disorder (Bipolar Disorder, Manic Depressive Disease)

Eating Disorders

Adult Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder

Substance Addiction

Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Nicotine Dependence




What Are The Symptoms Of Mental Illness

Mental illnesses are included in diseases that have not been heard before    These mental illnesses and their descriptions are listed below



Capgras syndrome İn this mental illness patients usually believe that a person close relative has changed places with the same kind of Medicine    For example  a schizophrenic patient accused his parents of visiting him in the hospital of being similar to them and replacing his own true parents    In other words according to the patient  someone kidnapped his real parents hided them and turned to their similar positions and moved to the patient's side    This kind of paranoia seems to be lying underneath   However this can actually play a role in a defensive mechanism that saves the patient from the conflict   But the interesting thing is that this situation can be experienced against inanimate objects

A good example of this is the following sentence written by one of the patients with Capgras syndrome “I walked down a small stream, down a wooded and steep slope    I sat there and got some rest    Then I checked my watch    I thought it wasn't mine it was a good cop made by the poliçe    That's why I threw him in the creek” Perhaps the most bizarre of the reported cases of Capgras syndrome is a patient with blindness





Cotard's Syndrome In these mental illnesses the patient denies his own existence and that of the outside World    Often seen in patients with schizophrenia and severe depression   The first case described by Cotard in 1880 is a 43-year-old woman who believes that her brain nerves chest and internal organs are absent and that her body consist of only skin and bones  she also does not believe in the existence of God and Satan instead she beleives that she is immortal and that she will live forever    Another case has been reported believing that he was dead, and insisting that he be wrapped in a coffin   Another patient believing that he didn't have any stomach said I have no stomach I never feel hunger I enjoy food when I eat it but I don't feel anything when they pass through my throat, like food falls into a hole     The most common complication in these patients is that they try to commit suicide even though they believe they are dead.



Couvade Syndrome  İt is a disorder in mental illnesses in which the father or his / her spouse suffers from various physical symptoms during pregnancy or during delivery or both    During pregnancy  a patient has been reported to have nausea  abdominal pain  because pain of the tooth all of the teeth except the teeth of 8 molars have been removed  and pain in the breast when the wife is breast-feeding      This case is thought to occur due to excessive empathy.


De Clerembault Syndrome (erotomania)   In this mental illness, the patient believes that someone he knows is in love with him   That person doesn't know about this also he may not even recognize the sick      The patient believes that although he is not in love with her  his partner is in love with her  but is trying to make her love feel not through words but through various closed messages    In this direction  he makes sense of his daily activities and interprets them as secret love messages to him    For example  it makes sense of the profile photo or shared content in the social media account   The most shared lyrics are available to make sense.                


Apotemnofili (identity disorder related to body integrity)  İn these mental illnesses  people attempt to get rid of their bodies by declaring that they are not belonging to an organ that they are alienating against that organ  and that they are extremely unfamiliar with their existence   They usually demand that their legs be cut off. There are some people who seek help from doctors for cutting their arms or fingers or who try to cut them with their own means    One of the cases has made him blind by pouring acid into his eye  They say that after they have lost their limbs or become unable to function, all the trouble they experience is gone and they are relieved     It is not yet known how a brain malfunction or psychological mechanism causes  it.


Olfactor reference syndrome  This is a disorder in which the thought that a bad smell is emitted from the person's body     This fragrance may belong to the body in the form of sweat or faeces, as well as burn fabric, garbage, rotten onions, fertilizers, spoiled fish odors     The patient may not feel this smell at all     However  it can also come to the conclusion that the people around them are making sense of their behavior and spreading bad smell thinking that they are away from themselves   In fact, patients in this case have more than normal people bathe, use perfume and smell very good although they think they smell disgusting        

For this reason, they walk long distances by not getting into public transport     They avoid entering social media, such as cinema, school, etc    They usually spend time at home    They don't dare flirt    A patient in this case finished a bottle of perfume every day.   

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