Religious Obsessions

Religious Obsessions


Obsessive Compulsive Disorders (OCD) is a type of anxiety disorder that involves repetitive and unwanted obsessions and repetitive strains. Although obsessions know that they represent exaggerated fears that the person is unlikely to emerge, they cause serious troubles when not done. OCD is a neurological and behavioral disorder.

Such obsessions are often related to daily life and go beyond anxiety. One feels that these compulsions must be made in response to obsessions. The imperatives are necessarily applied to reduce anxiety or prevent the result that the person fears. Patients with Obsessive Compulsive Disorders try to secure themselves in many ways to reduce their anxiety and guilt feelings.

Religion is also thought to play a role in the emergence of some OCD cases. Religious thoughts can be sad and tiring for OCD patients. Such thoughts; it can include many situations from compulsory prayers to anxieties, to cleansing rituals.


How Religious Obsessions Pass

Religious obsessions are one of the most difficult obsessions that disturb people. Because the basis of the work is the belief of the person and the state of being betrayed or unable to obey what he believes. In case of non-compliance, the person experiences pain and suffering, both psychologically and conscientiously. People with this kind of obsession in advanced cases swear against sacred values ​​and even God. While doing this, they suffer both physically and spiritually.


In the treatment of this type of disorder, cognitive behavioral therapies are applied as in other OCD disorders. In some cases, therapy and drug therapy are combined. These treatments involve patients facing what they fear, uncertainty.

Support can be obtained by collaborating with clergymen or members of the religious community, as well as psychologist therapies related to obsessions. Religious leaders can help with treatment by guiding which rituals are extreme and which are appropriate. In religious observations, it is useful to discuss with specialist physicians who are experts in this field.


What Are Religious Obsessions?

The characteristics of people with religious obsessions may change. But there are some common symptoms throughout;

• If prayer was distracted while praying, restarting prayer,

• Repeating the prayer in a mandatory and repetitive manner when it is felt that the concentration of the prayer or prayer is not above the meaning,

• Asking if others are being treated correctly, or analyzing continuous behavior throughout the day to ensure that what has been done is correct or to be treated appropriately,

• Over and over reading religious books, writings and texts,

• The search to apologize with more than Allah and forgiveness for behavior,

• To be overly afraid of sin and to be extremely moral,

Research suggests that 30 percent of patients with Obsessive Compulsive Disorders have religious obsessions. In societies where religiousness is more strict, this rate is even higher.

As Npİstanbul, we offer the most accurate treatments in all Obsessive Compulsive Disorders. Our specialists in the field are always with you and your loved ones, whether religious obsessions or other kinds of OCD. We are walking on this path with you for a quality life.

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