Sexual Dysfunctions

Sexual Dysfunctions; includes negative experiences include traumas, sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancies.


Sexual dysfunction problems can sometimes reveal other psychiatric disorders.


What Causes Sexual Problems?

Healthy sexual life brings happiness, good sleep, physical and mental health.

Sexual dysfunctions and problems, negative experiences in sexual life can also reveal psychiatric problems.


According to the definition of the World Health Organization, sexual health; In addition to bringing a positive and respectful approach to sexuality and sexual relations, it requires you to have a pleasant and safe sexual experience, free from coercion, discrimination and violence.

In order to overcome the problems of sexual dysfunction, to ensure and maintain sexual health, all people's sexual rights must be protected and fulfilled.

Starting to recognize and experience the sexuality of the person from early childhood. The first lines of our sexual identity are formed between the ages of 3-6; becomes more evident during adolescence. In this period, every detail about the sexuality that a person hears, learns and lives is the main determinants for the quality of his future sexual life. In order to avoid the problems of sexual dysfunction, people should have a healthy period in this regard.


How To Overcome Sexual Problems And What Should Be Done?

Healthy sexual functionality is a significant part of sexual health.


Sexual dysfunctions affect sexual life. Sexual life, sexual pleasure, satisfaction and intimacy should be experienced as a natural part of life when the person desires.

Although there is no way to define it as “right” for sexual life; One of the most important prejudices about sexuality is that it is experienced only by motives.


Contrary to common knowledge, there is general valid information about sexuality and learning and applying this information increases the quality of sexual life. However, there are individual qualities that everyone will discover about their own sexuality. These can be experienced to the extent that other people and even living things are respected for their sexual, physical and spiritual limits; At this point, there is no "normal" accepted and defined in terms of sexual health.


As a result, sexuality is an absolute function of healthy life, which must be lived by enjoying our body limits, by knowing and protecting our body, respecting the limits of our partner, with a sense of responsibility.

After resolution the main cause of sexual dysfunctions is easier to treat (biological and psychological). Sexual dysfunctions can be treated.


Another misinformation about healthy sex is the necessity of living with a partner. Some people may want to experience sexuality on their own. Regular sexual life, albeit alone, is beneficial for the person to get to know his physical and mental health and his own body. It should be known that sexual life, sexual pleasure and sexual satisfaction are primarily the responsibility of the person; The second step is that the partner gets satisfaction and pleasure from his sexual life.


Sexual dysfunctions can negatively affect a person's sexual life. In order to avoid sexual problems, people should have access to information, education and medical care about sexual health. Health workers related to the subject can be listed as obstetrics and gynecology, urology, psychiatrists, family doctors, and midwives. The measures of unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases should be taken; If necessary, care and treatment should be requested.

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