Geriatric Psychiatry

Geriatric Psychiatry


Due to changes in the brain, a partial loss is observed in mental functions such as memory, attention, movement, and perception.

Determining how much of this loss in geriatric psychiatry is a natural and expected process and how much it will indicate a brain disease requires a rigorous examination.


With the prolongation of human life, physical and mental health problems of aging period gain special importance.

Worldwide, 962 million people aged 60 and over live. The 56.2% of the elderly women in Turkey, 43.8% were male. In rural areas, the rate of the population 65 years and older is 10%. The fastest growing part of the population in developed countries is 65 years and older. This age group is also the group where comorbid conditions with comorbid diseases and psychiatric diseases accompany each other. Psychiatric symptoms are reported in at least 25% of the population over 65 years of age.


Geriatric Psychiatric Diseases

Geriatric psychiatric diseases are generally seen in later ages. In some of the geriatric psychiatric diseases, genetic transition has an important rate.


• Alzheimer

• Depression in the elderly

• Mania in the elderly

• Psychosis in the elderly

Anxiety disorders in the elderly

Mental functions in geriatric patients

• Speaking and language skills

• Movement skills


In geriatric psychiatry, it is a condition called brain atrophy, loss of volume in the brain, and observed with normal aging. Significant changes were observed in the metabolism and production of chemical conductors in the brain with age.


In the Geriatric Psychiatric Service, our clients receive inpatient treatment. Each service in our hospital was created within the framework of certain rules according to the privacy of patients receiving inpatient treatment and the risks of the disease. For details: 


In NPİSTANBUL Brain Hospital, where the comfort of patients and their relatives are prioritized, there are two types of room options designed for different needs. There are standard and type A suite rooms. A type of suites and corner suites aim high comfort without compromising security.


In order to ensure the comfort and safety of our clients in each room, all furniture was selected accordingly and specially designed.


VIP services are provided in all of our rooms, from television to safe, from rest, to newspaper service, where local and foreign channels can be watched to increase the comfort of patients and their relatives.


In our hospital, there are meeting rooms aiming to protect the privacy of patients and their relatives in physician interviews, waiting areas in every clinic and day rooms and winter gardens created on the patient floors to make patients feel comfortable as at home.

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