Shoulder Arthritis (Calcification)

Shoulder Arthritis (Calcification)


The shoulder joint, which is the most mobile joint of our body, can cause pain by deteriorating due to trauma, rheumatic diseases, and aging. In problems with the shoulder joint, people may have great difficulties making their cleaning, social life, and daily activities.

The most common symptom of arthritis(calcification) of the shoulder is pain, which is exacerbated by activity and gradually worsens.

Movement restriction is another common symptom. It can be harder to comb your hair or lift your arm to reach a shelf. You can hear a clicking or rubbing sound as you move your shoulder.

As the disease progresses, any movement of the shoulder causes pain. Night pain is common, and may have difficulty sleeping.



What can we do?

As with other arthritis cases, the initial treatment of shoulder arthritis is non-surgical. Your doctor may recommend the following treatment options:

You should avoid sudden and reverse movements of your arm. (Reaching out to a high object or extending the arm to the back)

Physical therapy can partially reduce your pain and increase your openness to movement.

Your doctor may recommend some pain medication

Corticosteroid injections in the shoulder can significantly reduce fire and pain in this area. However, this effect is often temporary.

A cold compress (putting on ice) made two or three times a day for 20 to 30 minutes can reduce your pain.

If you have a rheumatic disease, you may need to consult a rheumatologist.

Food supplements such as glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate can help relieve pain. (Note: there is little scientific evidence to support the use of glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate in the treatment of arthritis (calcification) )

If your pain does not go away with these treatments and restricts your daily life, you need surgery.

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