We Are With You For Your Health

We Are With You For Your Health

Our priority is to provide good treatment service


We've been with thousands of our clients for 20 years. Patient satisfaction has always been our priority during the diagnosis and treatment process. We have always cared about administrative services, such as medical services. We have been with you as a fully equipped health care provider, not only providing treatment services to our patients but also improving our hospitality services.


In line with the opinions and recommendations we received due to our interviews with all our patients, we have moved towards improving our service quality and have always tried to take it to the next level. For us, every patient is a quality inspector. We listen to our clients, especially the NP Solution Center, on every platform. For this reason, we take all the opinions transmitted to us as an opportunity and thank everyone for these contributions. We maintain our services under the responsibility of our duties by constantly renewing ourselves and following new technologies together with the opinions we receive from you. At the same time, we act with an awareness of our social responsibility.



We offer continuous service to our clients with Online therapy methods


According to the opinion that access to quality health is everyone's right, we offer our online therapy/tele-psychiatry treatment service to our consultants who are out of town or cannot go out for some reason. As part of our online therapy/telepsychiatry service, our consultants continued their treatment without interruption, especially during the pandemic process.


We are moving with a sense of responsibility

Together with our scientific partner Üsküdar University Medical Centers, we organize online psychology chats every month. Anyone can participate in these meetings for free. In closed groups, our experts answer the curious questions and inform about the identified topic, especially in psychological conversations meetings where psychological issues are discussed. In this spiritually challenging process that we are in, as the pandemic, we think that it is much more important to meet in Psychological conversations without disrupting, we organize this service in a way that everyone can participate in.


We share expert opinions with the public, work to raise awareness of diseases


We regularly share the opinions of the experts in our hospital about diseases with the public. We believe in the importance of early diagnosis and aim to raise social awareness and awareness about diseases.


We listen to you. We take your views into consideration


All opinions from you are valuable to us. We strive with all our efforts to improve ourselves and to be among the best in the field of health worldwide, to provide quality health care. In this direction, we present the 2020 first half Hospital evaluation.

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