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Brain Imaging (Neuroscience) Laboratory

First in Turkey!

Functional MRI, Volumetric MRI And Spectroscopic MRI

MRI technology is a system used to measure mass effect, pressure changes, events space, volume changes which give information about the brain’s structural condition. Distribution of brain’s hydrogen atoms is counted with the number of RF (radio frequency) waves and that gives information about tissue.

fMRI gives functionality information by measuring changes in brain metabolism, i.e. changes in oxygen and blood supply. Mentalemotional tests are done before treatment and after treatment. Test results are used to support diagnosis and treatment (fMRI, sMRI). sMRI is an advanced technology that gives information about the distribution of certain chemicals and some molecules by counting them. MRI is a suitable system to measure brain’s both electrical and chemical function at the same time with EEG compatible electrodes.

In our hospital, we have Philips full neuropackage 1,5 tesla MR. NPISTANBUL is the first psychiatric hospital in Turkey that has the MRI with the electrophysiological usage.