What is school maturity?

What is school maturity?


School maturity; The child's physical, mental, social, and emotional development to a certain level is that he is ready to successfully fulfill what is expected of him at school. The negative perception in the first years developed against the school affects the entire academic and spiritual life of the person. Parents should make sure that their children develop in all developmental areas in parallel with their peers.


This process is related to the general development process of the child until he starts school.


How do we know if the child is suitable for school?

Children Reaching School Maturity;

• Be able to use the body comfortably

• Provide physical coordination

• Must have fine muscle development that can hold and write the pen

• Have the attention and learning skills required by the level of development

• Have sufficient vocabulary in language development

• Have sufficient self-confidence in the context of social and emotional development

• He must have had a safe relationship with his parents

• Must be able to achieve safe separation

• Should take responsibility

• Be able to establish comfortable social relationships with their peers and maintain healthy relationships

• Should have the ability to solve social problems

• Be able to sit quietly in group activities

• Listen and follow the instructions

• Should be able to meet their needs in areas such as cleaning, feeding, dressing, and resting.


What are the symptoms of incompatibility with school?

1. In kindergarten and primary school children, it is more like the anxiety of separation. It does not want to leave the child, parents or caregiver. It is especially seen in children who are raised by their families. Excessive protective parents prevent the individualization of the child. The child's self-confidence in social settings is low. He does not know how to act when he is alone, he is afraid.

2. It can be in the form of a reaction to a situation in the school. The attitude of the teacher is like the mocking of his friends ……

3. In psychiatric disorders (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder / Special Learning Difficulty / Intellectual Disability / Behavioral Disorder / Depression-social phobia, etc.), if the child experiences disability in certain areas, learns hardly if he/she has low self-confidence, he/she has adaptation problems. The reasons such as brother's stay at home, brotherly jealousy-death in family-accident-illness can also cause rejection of school.


If the family's pressure is added to this situation, the child is forced.

In children with school phobia, anorexia, sleep disturbance, restlessness, irritability, irritability, shyness, introversion, indifference to school activities can be observed. Unless they go to school, starting school becomes difficult. Also, make it grows.

• Scare, threat, violence, judgment should not be used.

• The child reacts emotionally to a situation that disturbs him. It is the best approach to realize this and try to understand it. It is necessary to empathize with the child and try to understand it.

• To find out which situation and emotion caused the rejection of the school and try to solve this problem.

• The family must be committed to the child's attendance, but the child should be made to feel that this problem concerns the whole family, not just the child's problem.

• The teacher and the family should be in close cooperation. The reassuring and easy style of teaching is important.


What do we target in the school maturity package?

With the school maturity package;

• Determining the skill level required for the child to start school by neuropsychological screening;

• And if there are areas to be supported, it is aimed to create an individual program that includes child-family-school suggestions

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