What is Exam Anxiety, How to Deal with it?

What is Exam Anxiety, How to Deal with it?


What is exam anxiety, how to deal with it, is a psychological condition that causes extreme distress and anxiety that occurs during exam times.

Most people experience anxiety and fear before the exams. In fact, anxiety at the normal level protects the person and is a healthy feeling. It keeps people psychologically and physiologically alert and helps to do better work. However, excessive anxiety and fear experience negatively affects the daily life of the person, causing their performance to decrease and deteriorate.


How to Deal With Exam Anxiety?

• In order to manage anxiety, one needs to find a suitable motivation.

• It is necessary to direct existing anxiety in a positive direction without turning anxiety into fear of the future.

• A person needs to spend time in his spare time and focus on what he loves

• The person must acquire a hobby that will guide anxiety.


Exam anxiety is a psychological condition that causes extreme distress and anxiety that occurs during exam times. Most people experience a certain degree of anxiety and stress before or during the exam, but this negatively affects learning and performance in insurmountable situations. Excessive anxiety and fear make concentration difficult, and the person makes a lot of effort to remember the subject he is working on.

Exam anxiety causes various levels of


physical, cognitive, behavioral, and emotional symptoms.


As physical symptoms;

Heart palpitations in the person,

• Sweating,

• Tremors,

• Complaints such as dry mouth and nausea can be seen.



Cognitively and behaviorally, a person can exhibit an avoidance behavior that creates anxiety and fear. Such people often criticize themselves and harm their inner motivation to the goal. Negative self-criticism affects his body, affect, and thoughts passing through his mind, leading to thought errors. For example, negative anxiety errors such as the person who has anxiety of examination such as "I will lose my control and fail in the exam" or "I will not be able to make this exam very difficult and precise" will cause the person to be more anxious and lose control of the situation. These negative thinking patterns lead to a feeling of helplessness, affecting motivation and concentration. In addition, when people with test anxiety fail to perform, they can show emotional symptoms in anger, anger, and despair.


What symptoms do the person who feels excessive anxiety experience?

Unexpected reactions are likely to occur in our body along with exam anxiety and anxiety in general. These are the most common ones;

Acceleration, palpitations

• Differences in breathing

Anger bursts, tension

• Air independent sweating and / or cold

• Dry mouth • Nausea

• Diarrhea, constipation • Headache

• Difficulty falling asleep

• Difficulty in focusing

Feeling exhausted, exhausted

• Changes in eating patterns


Is anxiety a healthy feeling?

Anxiety is the most natural feeling felt when there is a danger or uncertainty in the environment. Anxiety is an abstract concept like every emotion. We can grasp the existence of emotion based on the thoughts and behaviors that come with it, and we can separate emotions from each other. For this reason, while describing anxiety, thought and behavior components should be mentioned.

Along with the test anxiety and anxiety, the person says, “I'm in danger, something is not going well, something can happen at any time.” may have thoughts. When we look at the behaviors of anxiety, we can see three general patterns; fight, run, frost. As soon as the perception of danger occurs in the person, with the activation of the nervous system, our body is ready for fighting or avoiding danger. Sometimes, the person freezes to protect his safety. These behavioral patterns shown with anxiety are quite natural and universal. In short, these behaviors shown in the face of anxiety and anxiety are natural. Exam anxiety and anxiety, in general, is a functional emotion that protects us from real dangers and motivates us to exist in life.


However, anxiety can sometimes be disrupted by people's quality of life. Anxiety disorder can be mentioned if the person experiences more intense anxiety compared to everyone, if the perception of danger is exaggerated compared to most people, and he often uses coping to make things more difficult in cases of anxiety. Especially if “avoidance” behavior is preferred in the face of anxious situations, even if the person appears to be relaxed at first, then the perception and anxiety of the person about that condition will gradually increase and will start to affect his life negatively.


What is Included in the Exam Anxiety Package?

An exam anxiety package is a special treatment package prepared for individuals with exam anxiety. The purpose of the test anxiety package is to aim the person to manage the anxiety state. Those who have anxiety about the exam should contact our institution.


Within the exam anxiety package service;

1. Six sessions of psychotherapy

2. MOXO Test will be applied once in the first application.

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