What is Autism?

What is Autism?


Autism is an important disorder called Autism Spectrum Disorders or formerly Common Developmental Disorders.

Autism; It is an important neurodevelopmental disorder in which symptoms are observed in early childhood. While symptoms related to autism begin in the early stages of developmental stages in some children, some children experience regression or disruptions in normal development. Suspicion of autism arises when the child's speech is delayed or is irrelevant, unresponsive. The family applies to the doctor because the child speaks no words although his / her peers speak or can say single words such as “mother and father” before, and forgot about these words in the last months.

Sensory problems are evident among the symptoms seen in autism. Sensory problems reduce the compliance of the individual with the environment. It reduces the adaptation of the individual to life. For example; Problems such as sensitivity to high voice, sensitivity to touch, sensitivity to light, depth problems, problems related to balance, and interest continue with increasing the problems of the changing social order with the development of the individual.

Autism is an important disorder called Autism Spectrum Disorders or formerly Common Developmental Disorders.



What Are the Symptoms of Autism?

There are basically two main groups of signs of Autism Spectrum Disorder:

1. Impairments in social interaction and communication skills

• Not being interested in people or their peers or show little interest,

• Being on your own, not looking when you call, Walking on your toes,

• Delay in the start of age-appropriate speech or stopping in the beginning speech, decline, not using speech in social interaction even if he speaks, repeating what is said, using pronouns in reverse (instead of me).

2. Repetitive and limited interest, behavior and activities

• stereotyped and repetitive movements (around

turning, swinging, flapping),

• Extreme adherence to their routines, reacting to changes,

• Excessive sensitivity to some sounds, odors, and flavors.

 For detailed information about Autism Symptoms: https://npistanbul.com/otizm-belirtileri-ne


What Causes Autism?

The cause of autism is not yet fully known. In autism, many genes are thought to be responsible for the disease, and drugs that affect the genes disorder are tried to be developed in the treatment of the disease.

Some of the children with autism are expected to have positive results in the coming years.

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