What is a learning disability?

What is a learning disability?


Learning disability shows the disruption in some functions of the brain, but it is not a disease. It should be considered as a special and different situation.


What are the Symptoms of Learning Difficulty?


Learning difficulties are usually manifested by the following symptoms.

• Delay in speech and pronunciation,

• Difficulty in finding words while naming something,

• Having less vocabulary than age,

• If he has difficulty in the predicate, that is, in the basic words (go, give, take, etc.)

• Replaces syllables

• Difficulty in listening and watching,

• Difficulty in learning the relationship between sound and letter,

• Difficulty understanding two meaningful (rhymed) words,

• Difficulty in learning colors, numbers, and letters,

• If he has difficulty drawing geometric shapes in the lessons,

• If he is having attention and focus problems,

• Difficulty in finding directions and mixing directions,

• Difficulty in monitoring and doing their daily work,

• Difficulty establishing and maintaining relationships with friends,

• If there are time and space problems,

• If the hand preference is not realized clearly if the hand preference is still not clear when writing,

• If there is a wrong holding of the pen while writing,

• Difficulty in games that require coordination (cycling, tracking the ball, etc.)

• Having difficulties in planning, having,

• Taking action without thinking about everything,

• If you experience frequent clumsiness and accident,


If your child has the above symptoms, you should seek support from a specialist. These symptoms may indicate that your child has learning disabilities.


How Is Learning Disability Treated?

Learning disability is an intelligence problem, not a disease, but a 'difference'


• The family needs to be educated with the child.

• A detailed examination of the brain should be made and the problem should be objectively revealed.

• Mostly drugs are not used. The drug is preferred if the child has diseases such as anxiety, depression that accompanies learning difficulties.

• Treatment with psychoeducation should be supported.

• Should cooperate with the teacher and family.

• The school's program should also be followed and a work plan appropriate for the child should be made at this point.

• The specialist must work with the family and the child and organize their learning facilities according to the child.


In order to overcome this problem, families should receive a certain education with the child.


The first job of the family, who realizes that their child has learning disabilities, should be accepting the child as it is and receiving education with his child.


He/she should have an appropriate exercise for his child. For example; For a child who has gone to late reading in the first year, you can make 10-minute reading sessions and the child can imitate it. The child should not be forced to write, exercises should be done slowly. Children draw some letters wrong, for example, they mix B and D. Reverses 1, 3, and 7. These are typical indications. They make jumps, especially during reading, and read as home, and many as a coach.


If such jumps are not corrected in primary school first year, the child may experience difficulties in academic success in the coming years. Sometimes, even in children who have reached the last year of high school, learning difficulties are observed and corrected.

Timely Response is Important!

When the family takes into account the problem of learning disability, this complaint can be ended with 8 months of treatment.

However, if the family realizes this problem and does not take it seriously, if it does not take action to solve the problem, the child shows escape behaviors and behavioral disorders such as not wanting to sit at the beginning of the lesson at some stage of his life.


In order to prevent these behaviors, it is necessary to grasp the child with understanding and get the necessary help.

Sometimes, parents are in dispute about studying, the relationship between them deteriorates. In order to prevent these and similar events, they can put shadow teachers, assistant sisters, together or they can get support from an institution that teaches this technique technically to enable the child to study.

The task of the families here should be to find the different features of their children and highlight their good sides. Because these children are not mentally disabled, they can do many things successfully.


Einstein and Van Gogh are said to have learning difficulties, learning disabilities can be corrected if intervened.

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