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Waist and neck sores are a common health problem today. In modern life, increasing working hours, lack of exercise, increased tendency to become overweight, increase the incidence of spinal disorders in the society. This disease is the leading cause of neurosurgeon (neurosurgery) polyclinic consultations. In the past, cervical disc hernia and herniated disc, which are perceived as advanced age disorders, are affecting younger individuals today.

Herniated Disc

The movement of cartilage pillow-like cushions (discs) between the lumbar vertebrae into the spinal canal is called a spinal cord.The herniated structure may extend into the spinal canal and press on the spinal cord and / or nerves leading to the legs. This situation leads to important indications such as Waist and leg pain, numbness in the legs, feeling chills and tingling, difficulty walking and loss of labor, urinary incontinence in advanced cases, forward weakness in the leg. Delay in the initiation of treatment can cause the problem to grow or become permanent.

Your physician will inform you when surgery is necessary. Today, microsurgery and endoscopic methods (also known as closed surgery among the public) have made the herniated disc surgery very safe and practical. Patients can immediately get rid of their aches after surgery and walk on the same day. The length of stay in hospital is decreased to 1 day. After a few weeks of protection and rest, you can easily return to your old lives

Cervical Disc Hernia

Similar mechanisms and problems in herniated disc are also valid for cervical disc hernia. Depressions in the discs between the neck vertebrae can cause severe pressure on the spinal cord and the nerves leading to the arms and herniation to the spinal canal over time. For this reason, pain, numbness, tingling, loss of power and awkwardness in the hands are encountered in the necks due to aches, frequent holdings, dizziness and short-term blurred attacks. If the spinal cord passing through the neck region has a control line leading to the whole body, spinal cord stiffness can be reduced in the arms and legs such as loss of power, balance defects, and is possible to be confronted with further problems.

Drug treatment, prevention, weight control, neck exercises, use of neck, if necessary, and physical therapy programs are important in situations where surgery is not needed and in advanced cases microsurgery and techniques are applied easily and safely nowadays, and patients see permanent benefits

In summary,

Modern methods of treatment remove herniated disc and cervical disc hernia from being a frightened issue. On the contrary, with modern endoscopic discectomy or microsurgery methods in appropriate cases patient comfort has reached to a satisfactory level of comfort.

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