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Parkinson's Disease

What is Parkinson's Disease?

What is Parkinson's ; It is the name of the disease which is caused by the decrease and damage of the dopamine-secreting cells of the brain in the advanced ages and causes movement disorders and involuntary movements.

What are the Symptoms of Parkinson's Disease?

The answer to what is Parkinson's is manifested by the symptoms.

Parkinson's Symptoms

  • Hand shake
  • Head shivering
  • Not being able to swing your arms
  • Unable to get out of bed
  • Heavy progress while walking
  • Falls in the elderly
  • Movement weakness and balance disorder
  • As time passes, it shows itself due to bending forward

Parkinson's is a disease that restricts movement.


What are the causes of Parkinson's?

The most important cause of Parkinson's is old age. It can appear after the age of 65. But not in every elderly. Some tests have shown that male sex is an important factor. A disease that occurs due to various reasons in the movement factors of the brain. He looks more of a man.

If you live in the village, in the countryside, if you are using well water, you have a higher risk of getting Parkinson's if you smoke. If you're drinking coffee, your risk of getting a little less can be reduced.

What are the Methods of Parkinson Therapy?

The answer to Parkinson's is a disease in which our patients do not fully know and cannot express. They try to explain their situation based on their situation. Early diagnosis is very important in Parkinson's. It affects the quality of life positively. Parkinson's is a treatable disease. We have different treatment methods and different medication options. We adjust the age of our patients according to their other diseases. For some of our patients, inserting a brain battery gives very positive results.

How should Parkinson's patients be fed?

After the definition of Parkinson's is done to the patient and the treatment is planned, the most important thing is the lifestyle and eating habits. Patients with Parkinson's should be very careful about their nutrition. Constipation is the biggest complaint. The body functions are slowing and the intestines are slowing down.

  • Consuming fiber foods
  • Eating yogurt every day
  • Fresh pods consumption
  • Cycling
  • To exercise

The above conditions do not treat Parkinson's disease alone but only support treatment.

Recommendations to Parkinson's Patients

Parkinson's movement is a disease that slows down the most important thing is to pay attention to their nutrition. We recommend the yogurt to keep the bones hard. Beans should be eaten twice a week. Exercise is very important. You need to exercise.

Who Is Parkinson's Most Seen?

Parkinson's disease is more common in advanced ages. It is more common in individuals aged 60 years than in individuals aged 50 years. It is more common in the 70s and later. However, if the Parkinson's findings were found at a young age, this disease can progress more rapidly.



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